Recently I asked four friends for a few prayer requests I could bring to the Lord for them. Interestingly, two of the four asked for prayers for the election results. They were quite concerned.

It seems their experience is common. The ongoing tensions between the NPP and the NDC is scary and the stakes are high. We wonder who might be able to keep things on a steady course. Listening to the news yesterday, I heard the flag bearer of the NDC and the current president of the republic of Ghana say that if there be any chaos in this nation, he won’t be the cause.

Christians must participate in their country’s electoral process. That doesn’t mean we have to vote for someone in every office even if we cannot find enough common ground. It just means that in general we are to take part in the government as requested.

But even though we are to vote, Christians shouldn’t worry about the election results. Here are four reasons we shouldn’t be concerned:


  1. God is in control

God is sovereign, meaning He is ultimately in control of everything, including election results. No matter who is elected by human vote, God is also in control. It’s not either/or, it’s both/and.

I came to this realization of biblical truth later in life. When I finally did, it brought great peace to know that while people do things, God is still in control.

There is no situation where this is better described than in the issue of political leaders. Romans 13:1 says, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” (ESV)

Whoever becomes President, Member of Parliament, Minister of state, Mayor and so on, is elected ultimately under the direction of God.

Sometimes we might think He made a big mistake, but nonetheless, He is in control.

Perhaps God uses some leaders to judge people, or to humble people so that they look to Him, or to put nations in place so end times prophecies will be fulfilled.

We may never know why God has “instituted” the leaders in office until the other side. But one thing we do know is that He is in control.

This gives me peace and I pray it should give you some peace too.

  1. Worry is always wrong

Sorry to be so blunt, but the Bible is really clear about this.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.” (Philippians 4:6a NLT)

If you’re a Christian and worrying about election results, you’re disobeying God’s Word. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, knowing this, I never worry about anything, I just get “concerned.” The problem with this explanation is that word translated “worry” means something akin to “concerned.”

The Greek word here means “to be divided, distracted.” The idea is that we find our thoughts pulled away from what they should focus on to

  • too many hours watching political channels or listening to talk radio
  • fretting about the election results
  • debating or arguing with the “other side”
  • constantly posting our viewpoints on social media

Staying involved is not wrong unless it gets out of balance—an obsession. In fact, we should participate. But we should not be involved to the extent that the election, politics and government become our passion.

Ghana Election

People cast their votes in presidential and parliamentary elections at a polling station in Tesano, Accra, Ghana, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012. About 225 polling stations reopened Saturday for an impromptu second day of voting after there were technical breakdowns on the first day of voting, Ghana voting officials announced. Some voters waited in line all day Friday and then returned to vote on Saturday. (AP Photo/Gabriela Barnuevo)

I have strong political and moral views. But, hopefully, I don’t allow those opinions to become my focus.

What should be my focus? The answer is in the latter half of the verse cited above.

Again, it says, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7 NLT)

Instead of worrying, we are to turn our concerns over to God in prayer and thankfulness. The result is wonderful peace.

Don’t you love the promise, “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand…!”

  1. Christians are citizens of heaven

Philippians 3:20a states clearly, “But our citizenship is in heaven.”

Sure, we are citizens of a country on earth. But ultimately, we are foreigners here. Our real citizenship is in heaven.

So why would we get worked up about election results here on earth? Every one of us will soon be leaving to spend eternity on the other side.

The Leader of the Eternal Kingdom is the “King of Kings and Lord of Lords!” (Revelation 19:16).

Our lives in a country here are shadows compared with our lives in eternity. Thus, worrying about this life is not only futile, it’s silly.

Why do we fret? Because we get our eyes off the goal. So we must do as The Apostle Paul wrote about earlier in this chapter:

I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” (Philippians 3:13b-14 NLT)

  1. Our real hope is in Christ

If we are worrying about an election, it’s a sign we’re trusting in the wrong thing!

Our hope must NOT be in:

  • Politicians & political parties
  • Money
  • Positions of influence
  • Family members
  • Occupations
  • Education

Each of these have their place, but it is not their place to be our ultimate hope!

Soon all these will be gone, as a result of the next election, retirement, financial reversal, deaths or our own death. None are permanent and reliable.

There is only One who is permanent and reliable: The Lord!

“We are merely moving shadows,
and all our busy rushing ends in nothing.
We heap up wealth,
not knowing who will spend it.
And so, Lord, where do I put my hope?
My only hope is in you.”
(Psalm 39:6-7 NLT)

For so many years I’ve watched election results, elected officials, political parties and political movements come and go. Through them I’ve come to affirm what the psalmist wrote 3,000 years ago: “My only hope is in you.”



7 Things You have to know About Your Husband.

Here are seven things wives need to know—but may not know—about their husband:


His ego is more fragile than you imagined. I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about the male ego. I get it. But it hasn’t gone away, and, frankly, the world isn’t too kind on our ego. We see the jokes on every sitcom and commercial about how inadequate we are at times. But there’s not a man with a soul that’s alive that doesn’t want to be admired by the woman in his life. Not one.

He is very visual. Very. More than you are probably thinking. You see his eyes roam. That’s a natural reaction for him. He doesn’t have to work on it. Now he has responsibility over his eyes—not the girl who attracted them—but if there’s a pretty girl around, he probably saw her long before you did. And he likely battles staring more than you will ever understand.

He doesn’t want you to be his mother. You can say “Ouch!” if you need to, but men want a wife, not a mom. I hear this from men frequently—especially young men. If you’re a mom, they want you to be a great mom—just not theirs. I know we need mothering sometimes. All of us do. We may even act like big babies at times. But mothering a husband never works. Ever. Be our partner. Our best friend. Not our mother.

When you correct him, you hurt him. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need correcting. He might. But the way you do this is huge. Your respect for him is huge for him. His greatest emotional need. That could be in how he fixes the bed—or the fact that he doesn’t—or for things far worse. If he senses you are talking down to him—not respecting him—he may comply with your wishes in actions (or not), but inside his heart will be growing colder toward you. Always correct in love!!!

He loves you uniquely. He probably won’t love you all the ways you expect him to love. And, frankly, he won’t be all the love you need him to be. He may not always feel love as an emotion as strongly as you do. Your heart is capable of much more than he can fill completely. There will be times—hopefully even seasons—when he does, but no man will meet every need of your heart. (Other than the man Jesus.)

What he does really is who he is many times. It’s his identity. If it’s golf, his career, fishing, antique cars or his extensive comic book collection—that’s a part of him. When you miss that or don’t value it, he may feel like less of a man.

He probably thinks you’re more wonderful than you think he does. He probably thinks higher of you than you do. How you look. What you’re able to do. He wonders how you keep up with everyone and everything as you do. He may even envy that about you. And he has a strong desire to protect you because of his view of you. He respects you—probably more than he knows how to communicate to you.

Guys, anything you would add?

 STORY: Nick Solomon

Purlieu – Your New Events App

The creators of Purlieu are proud to announce the release of an innovative new mobile application, Purlieu, which takes events and happenings in Ghana to a new level of interactivity.


Purlieu is a mobile application that helps users discover the events happening around them. Hundreds of events happen in our cities every day, but it’s difficult to know all the events that are happening in and around town. The introduction of Purlieu is to help solve just that. The app can be downloaded for free on smart phones, giving users more features and flexibility to discover and experience events happening around them.

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About Purlieu

Purlieu is Ghana’s premier events app company on a mission to help people discover the events happening around them.  With over hundreds of events happening every day in the city, Purlieu is the best way for people to discover, explore, attend an event they love and create live experiences.

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 Purlieu Enquiries: info@purlieu.events

How Do I Balance My Important Relationships Between My Man & My God

Do you remember playing on the see-saw as a kid? As one side went up the uneven distribution of weight caused the other side to go down and make for fun times with friends. Well, the ups and downs still have their place in our lives but unlike the see-saw, we want an even distribution of weight that enables us to remain upright and steady – We want balance! As women, we especially desire this in two of our most important relationships, that with God and our men. The target is not perfection and its definitely not unsteadiness. The themes below seek to support our journey toward greater balance in two areas we all value.

Be Authentic, Be You… Here’s the irony, imbalance is guaranteed when you choose not to be your true self. Among other things, our relationship with God desires intimacy, submission, and connection. It requires honesty and authenticity wherever we are. One of the greatest threats to balance occurs when we decide to be two different people in our romantic and spiritual life. Closeness in both requires you to show up as you truly are.

Agree To Be Agreed… The ability for you and your mate to agree that God is the ultimate authority in your lives is extremely critical to a sense of balance. Not only does it serve to increase confidence in your mates’ decision-making, it also promotes a sense of peace that his guidance comes from the same authority you trust. Aligning and choosing to walk together in whatever life brings is an action toward balance all by itself. Even in times when you favor another decision or path, balance will still be best achieved with agreement. Your agreement to surrender to God that HE has the power to change or right any course of action.

Choose To Communicate… Balance will often result from the consistency and quality of your verbal and non-verbal communication. How much are you talking, listening, and hearing? What exactly are you saying? How well are you using communication to nurture the growth of both relationships? For example: Are you praising God and affirming your mate? How is your prayer life personally and as a couple? Are you vulnerable and transparent? Your quest for balance is diminished and worst yet threatened when you don’t embrace the power of your spoken and unspoken words. Especially when we’re required to speak the truth in love. Often our communication is one of the best displays we have of our relationship with HIM and often the best template by which to communicate with him.

Cultivate Your Gifts, Embrace Your Calling… It’s difficult to achieve a sense of balance if you refuse to own your God given purpose. Purpose, calling, divine reason for being, however you identify it, it’s what makes you uniquely you. So, good luck trying to achieve balance without embracing it. God wants what HE designed in you to be manifested in your life. HE wants you to allow your gifts and talents to be cultivated for HIS agenda. That said, balance will require that your mate know, accept, and support HIS assignment and the time, effort, and energy requiring your obedience. Together, honoring the call God has on each of your lives will serve as a collective mission that’s “necessary” versus “a necessary inconvenience”.

Master Your Time… Anything that’s out of alignment is off track. When you seek to have mastery of your time, you align your time with your intentions. And, balance is uniquely positioned in how you spend your time. With God as the center, will you chose to spend your time in ways that declare your love for HIM and him? Will you take the time to celebrate and protect what brought and kept you together? Will you hold tight to love and use your time to make fond memories that steady the journey together? Remember, just because you call a man “your man” doesn’t make him your mate. So, balance with him will continue to allude you. The difference is, the right mate, God’s man will be a “gift” who “blesses” the blessing in “you”!


06The young and vibrant Niiella has certainly worked her way into the hearts of many Ghanaians in the last year. Her soulful voice and silky smooth delivery is like that first burst of fresh air you get when you step out of a hot stifling room. Its art in itself. The kind of art that makes even the simplest of worship songs sound so surreal.

So what is so interesting about this Niiella you might as ask? Niiella has taken the steering wheel of her career and directed it just where she wants it to go. She certainly knows what she is about. This year she’s launching the maiden event of the NiiellaMusique project titled CRAFTED. This event will take place in Cape Coast on the 13th of September and promises to be nothing less than amazing. It’s interesting that someone who seems to have a stronger grounding in the capital city Accra would do something like this in an area that appears to be uncharted waters. However she’s clearly driven by gutts and gusto and this is commendable.


The gospel singer isnt just a pretty face with a great voice but is multi talented. She’s a natural hair stylist, a song writer, a designer and so much more. It seems we are yet to discover what else is encased in that 5ft4 frame. In a recent interview she disclosed that she believes she hasnt released any of what she considers to be her musical masterpieces yet, so if u think you’ve heard that best of Niiella well then you honestly havent.

Her talents were first discovered on national television where she came out as the first runner up of the realty TV series Stars Of The Future season 5. In 2013 she was a Best Gospel Video of the year Nominee and the way can only be up for Niiella. She will be dropping a hot new single featuring this years Vodafone GMA Best Gospel Artist of The Year winner Joe Mettle soon! Ghana brace yourselves.

How do you know when its God’s voice?

How do we know when God is speaking to us? It’s a question that even the best of Christians often struggle with. The Bible tells us to submit any request to God with prayer and thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6), but it doesn’t promise to give us the answer we want. For humans, that can be a dangerous thing. We have a bad habit of only seeing what we want to see, and hearing what we hope to hear.

So how do we tell the difference between God’s voice and our own?  Our own plans and desires can muddy our ability to hear God’s response. In order to stay spiritually sensitive, and not push our hopes before those of Christ, I suggest Christians take the following steps,

Prepare to Hear Whatever God Says

“A surrendered heart that is ready to respond unconditionally to the voice of God is without doubt the best prerequisite for hearing the voice of God clearly. Jesus said that revelation comes to those who are willing to follow God’s ways (John 14:21). If you’re not able to keep your heart open for an answer you don’t like, perhaps it’s better not to ask!”

Submit Your Hearing God Experiences to the Wisdom of Others

“The Apostle Paul reminds us that we only see a poor reflection—like looking through a fuzzy mirror (1 Corinthians 13:12). That’s why we need to hear God’s voice in community (Acts 15:28). Your friends and leaders often know you better than you know yourself. They will be able to see through the fog that is created by your preferences and longings.”

Very often Christians get discouraged, or start to wonder if anyone is even listening, but I insists God’s timing is never wrong. “God knows exactly when you are ready to receive the desire of your heart, and he will not act a moment too soon or a moment too late when it comes to doing what is eternally best for you  “When you are in the long haul of waiting and you aren’t getting a yes, will you trust that what you might think is a no might really be his wait?”

Prayer can be a difficult exercise. We know God is faithful in all things, but fear and uncertainty can still cloud our judgment. Center yourself on His promise, and remember the words of Psalm 145:18, “The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”What about you? How do you tell the difference between God’s voice and your own?

Story: Nick Solomon




As women, it’s in our nature to be affectionate and loving.

Making your woman feel happy and loved isn’t complicated. In reality, its very simple. You just need to make her feel special and cared for when you’re around her. And when we’re in a relationship with a wonderful guy, we love being treated in a special way by them. But more often than not, a guy just doesn’t know how to treat his girlfriend in a special manner.

A perfect relationship is never one sided. When you make the effort to please your girlfriend and make her happy, she’ll involuntarily put in her effort at making you happier in love if she truly loves you back.

So the next time you’re with your special girl, instead of holding back, give more. In mutual love, every loving act gives back more happiness to both lovers.

Below are a couple tips to make her fall in love with you over and over again.

#1 Surprise her with memorable gifts. Make sure you never forget your girlfriend’s special occasions, however trivial they may seem to you. And every now and then, show just how much you love her by giving her a memorable gift of love, be it a bling thing or a priceless gift like a heartfelt letter of love.

#2 Make her friends envy her. All of us want our relationships to be perfect, but very few of us actually work towards making it so. Treat your girlfriend with love and affection, and pay attention to all her needs, especially when she’s around her friends. When her friends notice how good a catch you are, her heart will swell with pride and happiness, and you’ll feel like a real smooth talker too!

#3 Get along with her friends and family. To a girl, her family and her close friends mean everything, because she shares all the intimate details of her life with them. And to a large extent, she listens to her friends and takes their opinions seriously. So make an effort to get along with her friends and treat them well. She’ll be happy to see that you’re a big hit with her loved ones.

#4 Don’t ignore her when she’s with you. Make your girlfriend feel like she’s the center of your world all the time, and especially so when she’s with you. Don’t ignore her because you’re having a fun conversation with another attractive girl or are distracted by something else. When your girlfriend is around you, it doesn’t matter who or what is around, make sure your attention is focused on your girl.

#5 Respect her opinions. As humans, respect plays a big part in how we feel about ourselves. When we feel disrespected by someone important to us, we feel miserable. And this holds the same effect in relationships too. Don’t dismiss your girlfriend’s opinions and ideas without listening to her, and don’t take her lightly just because *she’s a girl*. In a relationship, both partners have to learn to listen to each other and respect each other’s point of view.

#6 Ask her for help. You may be a big, fully grown man. But that shouldn’t stop you from asking your girl for help now and then. By letting your girlfriend see your vulnerable, helpless side, she’d feel closer to you because you aren’t afraid of showing your weaknesses to her.

#7 Compromise for her. Every now and then, compromise your wants for her needs. If she wants to watch a romantic movie while you want to watch something else, give in to her now and then. When she sees how you’re willing to give up something you like just to please her, it’ll only make her feel more loved and happy and willing to compromise for you as well.

#8 Be affectionate with her in public. Make your girlfriend feel special when you’re with her in public. You don’t need to eat each other’s faces off to make a point that both of you are dating. Hold her hand, brush her hair away from her face, make her feel like you’re completely attentive to her needs, and most importantly, don’t hold yourself back from behaving in a silly manner if you can bring a smile on your girlfriend’s face.

#9 Make her laugh. Humor has a very important place in relationships. Even when both of you don’t have anything to talk about, a few funny lines or gestures can make the whole day feel like such a fun activity.

#10 Make her feel secure. If you want to make your girlfriend feel happy in the relationship, you need to focus on the one thing girls want most in a guy, his protective streak. When your girl feels secure when you’re around, and when she feels like she can depend on you for anything, she’d instinctively feel happier to be in love with you.

#11 Give her your attention. When you go out with your girlfriend, do you stay close to her and make sure she’s feeling comfortable, or do you leave her aside and catch up with your own friends. When your girlfriend is around, always focus on her needs first before you think of yours. If you need to spend a few minutes away from her to speak to your own friends, make sure she won’t feel uneasy when you aren’t around. Whenever you’re out, always pay attention to her needs before yours.

#12 Communicate. Misunderstandings arise when there is a lack of communication in a relationship. If you want to have a happy relationship with your girlfriend, learn to express your feelings clearly. And every now and then, spend a few hours talking about each other’s lives. When you spend a lot of time talking about your future together, both of you will feel more secure and loved in the relationship.

#13 Compliment her. Women love compliments. It makes them feel more appreciated. If you like something about your girlfriend, let her know about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s something about her personality or about the way she dresses, if you like it, say it.

#14 Let her know you’re lucky to have her. Did you have to woo your girl for a while before she finally accepted to date you? Always let her know that you still love her just as much as you did when both of you first started dating. And more than anything else, let her know that you have never taken her for granted and never will. If you feel lucky to date such a wonderful girl, remind her about it all the time.

#15 Involve her in your life. If you’re serious about your girlfriend and see her as a big part of your life, learn to involve her more in your daily life, be it for get-togethers or a night out with your friends. When you invite her to spend more time with you and your friends, you’re letting her know that you’re serious about her and the relationship. And emotional security always makes any girl in love a much happier girlfriend!

#16 Call her unexpectedly and sweet talk her. Love shouldn’t always be predictable, especially when it’s a happy surprise. Drop by at her place or at her office out of the blue with a small gift. Call her up when she least expects your call and remind her about how much you miss holding her in your hands right at that moment. In love, if it’s a happy feeling, share it. It makes all the difference between a happy romance and a bored one.

#17 The little things in love. Big birthday surprises and anniversary celebrations are always memorable. But to keep a romance alive, you don’t always need those big gestures all the time. It’s the little things in love that hold a relationship together better than those big gestures. Indulge in sweet romantic gestures every now and then to please your girlfriend. It’ll definitely make her appreciate your relationship a lot more.]

Sometimes, it’s the smallest of romantic gestures that can bring the widest of smiles. Use these tips on how to make your girlfriend happy and she’ll definitely appreciate you a lot more for being such a special guy to her.


LIFESTYLE: Pentecostal Beliefs About Hair & Skirts to the Church

download (2)

Pentecostal Christianity has more than 700 denominations. Most of them encourage their members to dress and live modestly, but do not have specific teachings about hair and skirts. Some Pentecostal denominations, often referred to as Apostolic Pentecostals, Pentecost Church of Ghana, take the encouragement to dress modestly a bit further, specifying how their members are to dress and wear their hair.

Women’s Hair

Apostolic Pentecostals teach that women should not cut their hair. They base this teaching on a literal interpretation of 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, which includes admonitions such as “every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head” and “if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering.” Pentecostal churches which do not require women to wear long hair generally interpret these portions of the Bible as referring to a specific cultural issue in the Corinthian church during the time the New Testament was written. Adult Apostolic Pentecostal women often wear their hair up in a bun, but there is no requirement to do so.

Skirts and Dresses

Apostolic Pentecostals typically expect women to dress in modest attire specifically designed for women. In most cases, women must wear full length skirts or dresses at all times. Most churches require that skirts fall below the knee, but some require ankle or floor length skirts. Some Apostolic Pentecostals churches allow women to wear some form of pants outside of church as long as they are specifically designed for women. Longer culottes pants are common casual attire for many Pentecostal women.

Cosmetics, Jewelry and Adornment

Apostolic Pentecostals generally discourage women from wearing any form of cosmetics, especially colored makeup. They usually don’t allow women to wear jewelry, though most make exceptions for simple wedding bands and wrist watches. Hair adornments such as barrettes and hair pins are typically expected to be simple and functional. They base this teaching on 1 Timothy 2:9-10, which says, “I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.”

Pentecostal Geese and Ganders

While Apostolic Pentecostals’ standards regarding women’s attire and hair are more noticeable, they do have standards to which men must adhere as well. Like women, men are not allowed to wear cosmetics or jewelry other than wedding bands and wrist watches. They are generally expected to wear full length pants and to keep their hair cut noticeably short. Apostolic Pentecostals cite 1 Corinthians 11:14 to teach that nature itself teaches that men should not wear their hair long.

LIFESTYLE: Ways to make your man feel like a MAN!


Making your man feel inadequate is the worst thing you can ever do to him and that is why men rarely forgive cheating. To most men cheating is the number one relationship deal breaker. Just like you, a man needs to feel loved, appreciated and also attractive and the only way you can make him feel that way is by giving him an ego boost every now and then.  An ego boost will make your man a better man and in turn he will treat you right and when he treats you right you both end up in a very healthy relationship.

Below are little ways you can make your man feel like a man.

#Thank him for every little thing he does around the house and even for something as random as loving you or for putting up with you.

#Listen to him intently when he is explaining something to you and allow him to feel smart even though you are smarter than him.

#Cook for him without making him feel like he is the reason you can never get anything done or like he is cramping your style. This will make him feel special. Wait on him, get him water  and even when visiting friends or family or at a barbeque, bring him a plate and make sure he is satisfied.

#Let him make the plans and take charge of directions as men like to feel like they are great at remembering directions. Even if he gets lost, do not make him feel like he’s the reason why everyone in the world gets lost and how much he sucks at giving directions .

#Allow him to take you to his fave restaurant and order for you. He probably likes the restaurant for a reason so for once just let him do his thing.

#Feel him, need him, appreciate him and enjoy being with him in the bedroom and always do that thing that he loves so  much. Give him full control and let him take all the credit for satisfying you and for making you glow.

#Massage him after that long day at work and let him know how much you know he deserves a massage as he works really hard to provide for you and yours.

#Allow him to be a boy when he is with the boys.  Don’t call him out in front of his boys and remind him it’s his turn to do the dishes.

#Attend his events whenever he invites you and make an effort to look great. Give him a reason to be the envy of the ball and enjoy being his arm candy with pride.

#Don’t cheat on him or share private matters with your whole gang of friends.

#Compliment him. Tell him he looks great whenever he makes an effort to dress well.

Presbyterians Approve Gay Marriage.


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has expanded its definition of marriage to include a “commitment between two people,” recognizing gay marriage as Christian in the church constitution after decades of debate over same-sex relationships.

The redefinition was endorsed last year by the church General Assembly, or top legislative body, but required approval from a majority of the Louisville, Kentucky-based denomination’s 171 regional districts, or presbyteries. The critical 86th “yes” vote came Tuesday night from the Presbytery of the Palisades in New Jersey.

“So many families headed by LGBTQ couples have been waiting for decades to enter this space created for their families within their church communities,” said the Rev. Robin White, a leader of More Light Presbyterians, which advocates for gay acceptance.

After all regional bodies finish voting and top Presbyterian leaders officially accept the results, the change will take effect June 21. The denomination has nearly 1.8 million members and about 10,000 congregations and is now the largest Protestant group to authorize gay weddings churchwide.

Last year, Presbyterians allowed ministers to preside at gay weddings if local church leaders approved in the states where same-sex unions were legally recognized. The new wording for the church Book of Order extends that authorization to every congregation and reads, “Marriage involves a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and a woman, to love and support each other for the rest of their lives.”

The amendment includes a provision that no clergy would be compelled to preside at a gay marriage or host such a ceremony on church property. So far, 41 presbyteries have rejected the redefinition and the vote in one presbytery was tied, according to a tally by the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, which advocates for gays in the church and also works to keep Presbyterians united despite theological differences.

In statements Tuesday, church officers urged “mutual forbearance” amid disagreements over the amendment. “We hope that such ‘up/down’ voting does not mark the end, but the continuation of our desire to live in community,” the two top General Assembly officials said.

Between 2011, when the Presbyterians authorized gay ordination, and 2013, the latest year for which figures are available, 428 of the denomination’s churches left for more conservative denominations or dissolved, though some theological conservatives have remained as they decide how to move forward. The losses helped pave the way for approval of gay marriage, since many opponents had left the church.

Carmen Fowler LaBerge, president of the conservative Presbyterian Lay Committee, said the new definition was a repudiation of the Bible and approved “what God does not bless.” She urged Presbyterians to protest by redirecting donations away from the national church until the original marriage definition is restored.