Stay Chic! with AFUA.MANU this Sunday

We flawlessly appear in our wardrobe’s Best to work, take selfies and full portraits to feed our Instagram account as we count the notification rise on the likes. Question is, why can’t we appear chic on sundays at church services as we do on weekdays to work?

Truth is, you wouldn’t want to wear your suits and all to fit attires you’ve worn from Monday to Friday, and that’s fine; dress down, but stay in style. All said, style is about distinctiveness and identity in appearance. I have a recommendation for you and trust me, you’ll come back with a testimony.

I fell in love with my wife’s designer on our wedding day. She made her look so elegant in her second dress that i couldn’t just wait to….. (I know what you are thinking right now… lol). She’s Afua Manu and her brand is: AFUA.MANU.  Here are a few outfit looks for your Sunday church services from Afua Manu. I recommend you check her out on social media, give her a call and place your order for the next Sunday church service



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