Will Your Faith Sink Or Will It Stand???


I was reading the book of Job yesterday, and I found something very interesting about it. Many people say that Job was a righteous man and he never opened up his mouth to accuse God for his trials [Job 1:20-22]. But as I began to look at it more carefully, Job began to justify himself before his 3 friends, and said that God was unjust for allowing him to go through this suffering, and that he is innocent [Job 30:18-25]. However, at the end of the book, a young man rebukes Job and the three old wise men for misrepresenting God’s character and nature [Job 6:8-13, Job 32:2]. Suddenly, God appears and speaks to Job out of a whirlwind, and basically says who are you to question the Almighty, I have questions for you, prepare yourself as a man and answer me [Job Chapters 38-42]

At the end of the story, Job realizes the foolishness of his ways and words, and is humbled by the whole experience. He repented [Job 42:1-6]. Consider this. Job did nothing, yet he was delivered over to Satan by God to be tortured. Jesus Christ did nothing, yet he endures the mocking, accusations, scourging, and crucifixion for nothing wrong he did [Isaiah 53, Mark 10:34]. God allowed this for his own purpose. To save his people from their sins. Likewise, as Christians, we will go through the fiery furnace; “all who live godly in Christ shall suffer persecution” and with much “tribulation we must enter the kingdom of God” [2 Timothy 3:12, Acts 14:22] .

This is a message not taught in Churches. To count the cost of following Christ. Most Christians are content with living their “BEST-LIFE NOW!!!”. Like is I said yesterday in my Facebook post, Christianity is not “Bread and Butter”….FACEBOOK

We will be tested and tried, accused, and persecuted [Matthew 5:11, Matthew 24:9]. We must count the cost [Luke 14:25-34]. I read today a powerful Christian tract out of print, “There is no victory without a battle, and there is no resurrection without a cross. Today, many people with “charismatic” experiences have been led into the “upper room” without first going to the cross!” What God seeks for today is a Church full of dead men and women. Dead to themselves that is – and alive to their Beloved Jesus Christ…

Story: Nick Solomon