How Do I Balance My Important Relationships Between My Man & My God

Do you remember playing on the see-saw as a kid? As one side went up the uneven distribution of weight caused the other side to go down and make for fun times with friends. Well, the ups and downs still have their place in our lives but unlike the see-saw, we want an even distribution of weight that enables us to remain upright and steady – We want balance! As women, we especially desire this in two of our most important relationships, that with God and our men. The target is not perfection and its definitely not unsteadiness. The themes below seek to support our journey toward greater balance in two areas we all value.

Be Authentic, Be You… Here’s the irony, imbalance is guaranteed when you choose not to be your true self. Among other things, our relationship with God desires intimacy, submission, and connection. It requires honesty and authenticity wherever we are. One of the greatest threats to balance occurs when we decide to be two different people in our romantic and spiritual life. Closeness in both requires you to show up as you truly are.

Agree To Be Agreed… The ability for you and your mate to agree that God is the ultimate authority in your lives is extremely critical to a sense of balance. Not only does it serve to increase confidence in your mates’ decision-making, it also promotes a sense of peace that his guidance comes from the same authority you trust. Aligning and choosing to walk together in whatever life brings is an action toward balance all by itself. Even in times when you favor another decision or path, balance will still be best achieved with agreement. Your agreement to surrender to God that HE has the power to change or right any course of action.

Choose To Communicate… Balance will often result from the consistency and quality of your verbal and non-verbal communication. How much are you talking, listening, and hearing? What exactly are you saying? How well are you using communication to nurture the growth of both relationships? For example: Are you praising God and affirming your mate? How is your prayer life personally and as a couple? Are you vulnerable and transparent? Your quest for balance is diminished and worst yet threatened when you don’t embrace the power of your spoken and unspoken words. Especially when we’re required to speak the truth in love. Often our communication is one of the best displays we have of our relationship with HIM and often the best template by which to communicate with him.

Cultivate Your Gifts, Embrace Your Calling… It’s difficult to achieve a sense of balance if you refuse to own your God given purpose. Purpose, calling, divine reason for being, however you identify it, it’s what makes you uniquely you. So, good luck trying to achieve balance without embracing it. God wants what HE designed in you to be manifested in your life. HE wants you to allow your gifts and talents to be cultivated for HIS agenda. That said, balance will require that your mate know, accept, and support HIS assignment and the time, effort, and energy requiring your obedience. Together, honoring the call God has on each of your lives will serve as a collective mission that’s “necessary” versus “a necessary inconvenience”.

Master Your Time… Anything that’s out of alignment is off track. When you seek to have mastery of your time, you align your time with your intentions. And, balance is uniquely positioned in how you spend your time. With God as the center, will you chose to spend your time in ways that declare your love for HIM and him? Will you take the time to celebrate and protect what brought and kept you together? Will you hold tight to love and use your time to make fond memories that steady the journey together? Remember, just because you call a man “your man” doesn’t make him your mate. So, balance with him will continue to allude you. The difference is, the right mate, God’s man will be a “gift” who “blesses” the blessing in “you”!


Michael W. Smith Opens Up About Past Drug Addiction; Dramatic Conversion Story: ‘I Should Have Been Dead’ – See more at:

In January, Michael W. Smith released his latest album entitled ''Michael W. Smith Hymns II - Shine On Us.'' Getty Images <br/>

Grammy Award-winning CCM artists Michael W. Smith recently opened up about his early years of battling drug abuse and how it almost cost him his life.

During an appearance on The Church Boys podcast to promote his new album, the 58 year old singer revealed that he grew up in a Christian home and embraced the Gospel at a young age: “I remember sitting with all my friends and just something happened. It was like an epiphany,” he recalled. “A lightbulb went off. Jesus really is who he said he was.”

However, the road ahead wasn’t easy. At the age of 17, Smith moved to Nashville to pursue a music career, where he entered a downward spiral of drug abuse, which lasted for nearly four years.

“I lost my way,” the “Place in this World” singer said. “Still, to this day, I can’t believe I did that for four years and got deceived and almost died a couple of times. I should have been dead.”

But despite Smith’s drug addiction and denial of the truth, God continued to pursue him. In 1979, the singer suffered a severe breakdown that forced him to cry out to God for help.

“I felt like the God of the universe just came down and laid on the floor with me,” he said. “I knew I was going to lose my life if something didn’t change. I was stuck.” Thanks to the unconditional love and prayers of his parents, Smith re-committed his life to Christ, and soon began playing as a keyboardist in the CCM band Higher Ground. “I have not been the same since then,” the singer emphasized. Over the past few decades, Smith has found success in both contemporary Christian and mainstream charts. He won in the Grammy Awards three times, has received an American Music Award, and has been successful in the Dove Awards; winning 45 awards. He has made a total of 31 songs that have made the number one spot and has made 14 gold albums and five platinum albums. In January, Smith released his latest album entitled Michael W. Smith Hymns II – Shine On Us. The highly-anticipated album includes beloved hymns such as “Down the River,” “I Need Thee,” “Jesus, Only Jesus,” “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “His Eye Is On The Sparrow,” “I Don’t Know Why (Jesus Loves Me),” and “Shine On Us.”



A major issue confronting the gospel music industry is how to finance their activities. This issue has left a lot of gospel music artists in a dilemma and has led to poor ministry doctrines, carefully planned canal methods of taking fees for ministrations and too many divisions. It has led to breakups, breakaways and caused so many artists and singing groups to emerge. This has weakened Christian testimony in the community.

This issue of finance has led many gospel music practitioners to device many ways and gimmicks of raising funds for so-called ministry work. Some of these methods include pledges/vows, levies, seed faith, borrowings, etc. I know by now you will be asking the question I am expecting you to ask: Is there a biblical correct way of raising money for the purpose of sponsoring Christian events and projects? The answer is YES!!!

This article seeks to show the biblical way of financing your singing ministry and events and can also set for us a pattern of provision for our personal living. I will start by first laying the biblical foundation for divine provisions for anyone God has called into His work. These biblical principles and practices as we will find out exemplified in the lives of those who went before us. I will treat this topic in a series of articles i will be posting every Tuesday.

The first truth we must embrace is that God is the owner of everything and everyone in heaven and earth. Angels, powers, men, women, kings, music, stage, lights, venue etc… (Psalm 24:1,Psalm 50:10-12, Haggai 2:8, Exodus 9:29, Deuteronomy 10:14, 1corinthians 10:26,28. We must understand that our God owns all things and He exercises His sovereign providence over everything. Since He owns everything and everyone,  he rules over everyone and administers everything after the counsel of His own will to fulfill His own purpose. (Daniel 4:17, 25, 32; Ephesians 1:11). He created all things for His pleasure(Rev 4:11).

The above scriptures make clear the divine ownership and authority over all creation.

PSALM 24:1 KJV-The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.

PSALM 50:10-12 KJV– For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell thee: for the worldis mine, and the fulness thereof.

HAGGAI 2:8 KJV – The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts

It is important to know as a fundamental truth that God owns everything on earth and in heaven. All silver and Gold, Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Ghana cedis, Naira, CFA, all the money in a thousand bank vaults, in your wardrobe at home, your money safe in the office, just as the cattle on a thousand hills; all lands and mineral resources, every skill, competency and human aptitudes and geniuses are all His exclusively. When we embrace and live in the light of this truth, we will know how to depend on His loving providence and submit to His authority in all things. Knowing that we owe our very life on earth to His kind disposition means that all His endowments in our lives must be employed to further His own purpose on earth.

With this premises, I believe you have understood who owns your very life and the gifts you have. It is my prayer that the Holy spirit will reveal the truth in this article to you. Please keep watching this space as i post a continuation of this article here next week. God bless us all!




Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Israel Houghton announced that he is officially divorced from his wife of twenty years, Meleasa Houghton. The announcement was posted to the singer’s Facebook page and it revealed that he and his now ex-wife had been separated for some time now. From the sounds of it, there was infidelity on Israel’s behalf, though he didn’t explicitly say so. His statement reads:

It is with a collective heavy heart that we announce that after over 20 years of marriage and a long separation,Meleasa and I are officially divorced. Several years ago I failed and sinned in my marriage. Though this is new to many, it is not new to us as we have been working through this for over 5 years. Although we tried, the challenges in our relationship have proven too much to overcome. We have always handled our family and ministry with grace and generosity toward others, discretion, and privacy. So, for the sake of our amazing kids, we are also handling this privately with pastoral oversight and assistance. We choose to remain friendly and kind to each other going forward. I am in the process of restoration and I have repented for my actions. Although I am sincerely sorry, and forgiven, I soberly realize that I will live with the consequences of my failings for the rest of my life. As this has become a public matter I want to apologize to the many who have supported my ministry through the years. I’m sorry for the many who will be hurt to learn of my personal failure. I regret any pain or disappointment that this news may cause you. We thank you for your prayers and for allowing us to handle this privately with those who are set over us in this process.


Israel Houghton

It’s actually quite beautiful how many brothers and sisters in the faith flooded the singer’s comments with supportive and encouraging messages. Many commended him for being transparent and owning up to his mistakes. And others—well, y’all know how some Christian folk can be. But one comment in particular really stood out to me.

“You have only sinned against God. You owe us nothing. We will continue to pray and support you, both of you. I am in NO position to judge anyone. I believe in the restoring power of God. I love you,” a commenter by the name of PJ Morgan wrote.

And in some ways, I kind of agree with PJ.  It’s admirable that Israel was open about his shortcomings. At the same time, I wonder if it’s fair that some people actually demand this level of transparency from spiritual leaders—mainly when it pertains to marital issues. Yes, they preach the gospel and lead us as we all follow Christ together, but should they be left to deal with some of their issues privately?

Obinim is my Mentor!

Your appearance is the first carrier of your message; the rest is in your wit. Light travels faster than sound so look your best.

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I remember that song so well. It was played so often that I thought a TV network had been granted the clearance to change the National Anthem. I’m sure Phillip Gbeho and Michael Gbordzoe wouldn’t have been exceptionally excited.

“Mentor’s gonna take you higher ‘rrrr’

Mentor’s gonna take you ther ‘rrrr’

Stick to TV3 Mentor ‘rrrr’


 Who were your favorite contestants? Mine were Prince Tuffuor and Hakeem.

It was just a popular song then but it resonates more now, especially the first two lines. According to The Etymology Dictionary 2010, the word Mentor is of Greek origin.  It refers to a character in The Odyssey, a friend of Odysseus who offers counsel to his son during the father’s long absence on sea. The Mentor is actually Athena in disguise, the goddess of war and wisdom who guides and sustains Odysseus through his journey.  The word represents intent, purpose, spirit…

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