It’s been ten years after senior high school. Ten years of responsibility, ten years of exposure, ten years of hard work, ten years of impact, ten years of leadership, ten years of accountability and success. There is a lot to reminisce, a lot of catching up to do and a bridge to build, connecting our past to the present.

The 2005 year group is calling on all alumni of WESLEY GRAMMAR SCHOOL to come together on the 1st of August, 2015 as they celebrate 10 years since they completed the school. “The day will also mark the launch of a one year activity plan designed by the year group which will include sporting activities, trips, fundraising dinner, educational programs for present students of the school amongst others” the chairman of the planning committee, Natasha Nana Acheampong elaborated. She also said the year group has added to society some valuable personalities that includes Presidential staffers, Ace broadcast journalists, Life coaches, trending musicians and they believe the school played a major role in shaping their lives and by showing of appreciation, they intend to address and solve some major challenges the school  faces during the one year celebration.

Tomorrow’s activities will include football matches, table tennis contest, tag of war, musical performances and a host of other exciting activities to engage patrons throughout the day. The event is scheduled to commence at 8am on the school premises and promises to be an electrifying experience for patrons. Some past and present authorities of the school has expressed their consent to this initiative of the year group and has assured the team of their support to make this celebration a success.

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The Youth Ministry of the Tesano Baptist Church over the years has come up with a lot of spiritual and edutainment programs. This year seems to be no different as events like “LAUNCH WITH THE PROFESSIONALS” has already rolled out. As part of their annual events calendar, the month of August is fun parked with a lot of exciting events as they celebrate their Youth Week.

Daily programes such as: Ministries Day, A Night of Empowerment, Praise and Testimonies, A walk in my Shoes, Old School Bash, Clean Up and Kenkey Party amongst others. The week promises to be fun and spiritual for participants of the event. One major program during the week that seeks to educate and coach the youth during the celebration is dubbed “A WALK IN  MY SHOES” with Awards winning Life Coach, Pastor Charles J Buckman on the Tuesday, 11th August.

Pastor CHARLES J BUCKMAN is the Founding Director of Fatherhood UK a leading organization that promotes fatherhood which is changing the lives of African Caribbean Men across Europe and Africa, He also the Founder & General Overseer of The Fathers House Chapel International. He is considered by many as the new voice for Africans in the diaspora, also one of Africa’s foremost motivational speakers and an authority on networking and building effective relationships through his inspiring talks on Life & Success Principles, Wealth Creation, Effective  Networking. He was named the most inspirational person on facebook. Someone once described him as a “masterful teacher and a great orator” he lives in Buckinghamshire in England with his wife Patricia and their two children Charles John Jnr. & Cillaliz Jada. His ultimate passion in life is to positively impact over 1 million young people of African Decent through Leadership Development Mentoring Programmes

The week starts from the monday 10th of August, 2015 and ends with the STEWARDS award night on the 23rd August. Dont be left out in the spirit filled fun…




The time has come. The time is now. Another age of Gospel music. “I’m taking over Urban Gospel music”  says KoJo Bentil,  the new guy in town.

Come this Thursday 23rd of July,  KoJo’s  debut single will be outdoored for public download. The Hip-pop beat liaised with Gospel lyrics called “Won Bom” features H2 EX and was produced by FORCE BEATZ.

The song will be up for free download at 1pm on www.ameyawdebrah.com on Thursday.  It will also receive it’s first airplay on the drive time show on OKAY FM with Abeiku Santana on Friday,  24th July. Be part of history making as we unleash the new age of Gospel music… You can follow KoJo Bentil on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter for updates of upcoming releases..

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The Gospel Music Industry over the years has faced major challenges but before I get into that and how some of these predicaments can be rectified, let’s begin with a ride through the genealogy of Ghanaian Gospel music. It chiefly begun with people who were inspired by the great commission of Christ to evangelize through music. They translated the word of God into melodies attached with great Ghanaian rhythms heavily laden with percussion beats and Yaa  Amponsah melody ( original guitar piece that is used as the foundation for many Ghanaian music).

Pioneers of this music includes Bro. Asiamah And His ‘Som Nyame’ Gospel Band, The  Ahinsan Happy Gospel band, Esther Nyamekye, Prof. Kofi Abraham, Yaw Sarpong, Wofa Asumani, Comfort Annor, Mc Abraham, YABS, Helena Rabels, Joyful Way Incorporated just to mention a few. Then came another breed of the Genre in the early 80’s with a fusion of contemporary…

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How do you know when its God’s voice?

How do we know when God is speaking to us? It’s a question that even the best of Christians often struggle with. The Bible tells us to submit any request to God with prayer and thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6), but it doesn’t promise to give us the answer we want. For humans, that can be a dangerous thing. We have a bad habit of only seeing what we want to see, and hearing what we hope to hear.

So how do we tell the difference between God’s voice and our own?  Our own plans and desires can muddy our ability to hear God’s response. In order to stay spiritually sensitive, and not push our hopes before those of Christ, I suggest Christians take the following steps,

Prepare to Hear Whatever God Says

“A surrendered heart that is ready to respond unconditionally to the voice of God is without doubt the best prerequisite for hearing the voice of God clearly. Jesus said that revelation comes to those who are willing to follow God’s ways (John 14:21). If you’re not able to keep your heart open for an answer you don’t like, perhaps it’s better not to ask!”

Submit Your Hearing God Experiences to the Wisdom of Others

“The Apostle Paul reminds us that we only see a poor reflection—like looking through a fuzzy mirror (1 Corinthians 13:12). That’s why we need to hear God’s voice in community (Acts 15:28). Your friends and leaders often know you better than you know yourself. They will be able to see through the fog that is created by your preferences and longings.”

Very often Christians get discouraged, or start to wonder if anyone is even listening, but I insists God’s timing is never wrong. “God knows exactly when you are ready to receive the desire of your heart, and he will not act a moment too soon or a moment too late when it comes to doing what is eternally best for you  “When you are in the long haul of waiting and you aren’t getting a yes, will you trust that what you might think is a no might really be his wait?”

Prayer can be a difficult exercise. We know God is faithful in all things, but fear and uncertainty can still cloud our judgment. Center yourself on His promise, and remember the words of Psalm 145:18, “The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”What about you? How do you tell the difference between God’s voice and your own?

Story: Nick Solomon



Urban Gospel Music has been on the rise in the last three years on the Ghana music scene and is gradually gaining attention and paving its way into the mainstream market. The struggle for attention was achieved when Ace Gospel Musician Cwesi Oteng hit the market with his “GOD DEY BLESS” banger. The Pidgin-English lyrics which was recorded on a fusion beat was a revolution for urban and hip-hop gospel artists. This significant move brought to the limelight of some major urban/hip-hop gospel artists we have such as KingzKid, Jay Smoke, Preachers, Jay Shady just to mention a few.

“It’s now time for the real deal, I’m taking the industry by storm!!!” says KOJO BENTIL.  Kojo Bentil is the new face of Hip-Hop and Urban Gospel music, produced locally for Ghana and the global market. He also stated, “This type of music is not parallel to the traditional Ghana Gospel that has been around for years. This is more contemporary and appeals both to the ordinary secular man and to the people of faith. The target is not just to reach out to church folks only as it has been the usual norm, this is to go beyond to reach out to everyone out there”.

Off the stage, Samuel Kojo Bentil Odoom, passionate about music, started his music dream and made himself relevant in a choir headed by the Gospel music legend Joe Beechem in 2004 right in the harbour city Takoradi, Western Region. Kojo lost the faith in 2009 and migrated into the secular music industry with the stage name SAMMIE HOLMES. He featured a few known artists with songs that were rotated on radio and Tv. He re-traced his roots back to the church in 2013.

After a long struggle with self issues and confirmations from Men of Faith like Bishop Tarkie-Yarboi of Victory Bible church, Kojo finally heeded the call to go into ministry. His ministry is to use music as a tool to win the lost at all cost as it was messiah’s last charge to his disciples to preach the message of the Kingdom to the rest of the world. He chooses to put Gospel lyrics into hip-hop beats that will appeal to everybody who appreciates music.

Kojo Bentil, calls his maiden Gospel single “WON BOM”, the local translation of “clap”. The song clearly talks about the goodness of Yahweh and urges all people of faith to still continue to praise Him even in hard and turbulent times. The banger that will make you move your head to the beat will be released mid this month on one of Accra’s favorite radio drive time shows.

Follow KoJo Bentil on facebook, other social media platforms and keep watching this space for release dates and updates on the new face of Urban Gospel music.

Story: Nick Solomon