3 Nuggets for perpetual wealth creation at “SPIRITPRENEURSHIP” SUMMIT 2015 – Mr. William Ato Essien

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Undoubtedly, SPIRITPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT has come to stay and truly the largest gathering of Christian business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Last Saturday for me was an eye-opener when i discovered kingdom secrets for creating perpetual wealth by great and successful business leaders in our land. KHARIS GROUP CEO, Dr. Randy and his team is gradually raising and shaping Spiritual entrepreneurs that will create wealth to push God’s agenda and be the mouthpiece and dominant regulator of global affairs. Below are 3 nuggets that intrigued me during the session and i felt in my spirit to share them with you. These revelations were unfolded by the founder and majority shareholder of the FIRST CAPITAL PLUS BANK and also Founder & President of Essien Swiss International Capital Holdings, Mr. William Ato Essien.

YOU HAVE TO BE A GOD THINKER AND A FAITH THINKER. – You cannot create wealth all by going through the process and methodologies of the world as a spiritual entrepreneur. The world says 1+1=2 but as a Christian Entrepreneur your 1+1=10000. (Leviticus 26:8). If 1: 1000 by the world’s standards, 2:2000 but to a spiritual entrepreneur, 2: 10000. There should be a component of our mindset that is faith oriented.

YOU HAVE TO BE A GENERATIONAL THINKER – Learn to open doors for others. A generational thinker is one who does not think about himself and the today but one who thinks about the generation ahead. You need to think long term and put in-place a proper succession plan.

BE A WHY NOT THINKER RATHER THAN A HOW THINKER – HOW is process, WHY NOT is out of the box and breaking the status quo.  When the Angel approached Mary and told her she was going to conceive Jesus, she asked how can it be because normally a man and a woman must “come together” before a baby is conceived but immediately she moved from “HOW” to “WHY NOT” and said let it be unto me according to your word. As a Spiritual entrepreneur you won’t breakthrough if you keep asking the “HOW”. Your vision must always be backed with a “WHY NOT” mentality. Respect procedures but be a WHY NOT entrepreneur!!! – Dont go conventional, break that rule. The mind is made for creativity not storage so think out of the box.

I will continue to share with you nuggets from the summit in my subsequent postings. Remember, success is not a destination but a journey!!!! Stay Blessed.

STORY: Nick Solomon


“Best selling female gospel artist of all time”, Cece Winans Makes a Comeback


Although CeCe was reportedly the first artist to sign to Motown Gospel, the label has yet to put out an album by the iconic gospel artist.  They first announced that she would release an album in 2014, but the plans for that project were pushed back for undisclosed reasons.  It seems that developments are underway for that project to be made into a reality for CeCe’s faithful fans.

While it is not yet fully confirmed, rumor has it that CeCe will be working with Bishop Hezekiah Walker and Tommy Sims.  While gospel fans everywhere know the music of Walker, they may not be familiar with Sims’ name.  But Sims is no newbie in the gospel music arena—he is a successful songwriter and producer.  So, CeCe will definitely be in good company for this project.

CeCe is considered a veteran in the gospel music industry.  She is a member of the Winans family, which is deemed as gospel royalty.  Her older brothers made the family name famous when they hit the scene in the 80s, taking gospel music and other urban genres by storm.  After The Winans achieved monumental success, CeCe and her brother, BeBe, released their first project, achieving critical and commercial success in gospel, r&b, and contemporary Christian music.  BeBe and CeCe won multiple Grammy’s and often shared the stage with their good friend, Whitney Houston.

CeCe is currently a celebrity judge on the hit reality television show, “Sunday Best.”  The gospel competition, which is designed similar to “American Idol” and “The Voice,” and airs on BET.

It should be noted that CeCe is considered the best selling female gospel artist of all time, selling over 12 million records worldwide.  She is also the recipient of ten Grammy Awards and seven Stellar Awards.

Presbyterians Approve Gay Marriage.


The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has expanded its definition of marriage to include a “commitment between two people,” recognizing gay marriage as Christian in the church constitution after decades of debate over same-sex relationships.

The redefinition was endorsed last year by the church General Assembly, or top legislative body, but required approval from a majority of the Louisville, Kentucky-based denomination’s 171 regional districts, or presbyteries. The critical 86th “yes” vote came Tuesday night from the Presbytery of the Palisades in New Jersey.

“So many families headed by LGBTQ couples have been waiting for decades to enter this space created for their families within their church communities,” said the Rev. Robin White, a leader of More Light Presbyterians, which advocates for gay acceptance.

After all regional bodies finish voting and top Presbyterian leaders officially accept the results, the change will take effect June 21. The denomination has nearly 1.8 million members and about 10,000 congregations and is now the largest Protestant group to authorize gay weddings churchwide.

Last year, Presbyterians allowed ministers to preside at gay weddings if local church leaders approved in the states where same-sex unions were legally recognized. The new wording for the church Book of Order extends that authorization to every congregation and reads, “Marriage involves a unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and a woman, to love and support each other for the rest of their lives.”

The amendment includes a provision that no clergy would be compelled to preside at a gay marriage or host such a ceremony on church property. So far, 41 presbyteries have rejected the redefinition and the vote in one presbytery was tied, according to a tally by the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, which advocates for gays in the church and also works to keep Presbyterians united despite theological differences.

In statements Tuesday, church officers urged “mutual forbearance” amid disagreements over the amendment. “We hope that such ‘up/down’ voting does not mark the end, but the continuation of our desire to live in community,” the two top General Assembly officials said.

Between 2011, when the Presbyterians authorized gay ordination, and 2013, the latest year for which figures are available, 428 of the denomination’s churches left for more conservative denominations or dissolved, though some theological conservatives have remained as they decide how to move forward. The losses helped pave the way for approval of gay marriage, since many opponents had left the church.

Carmen Fowler LaBerge, president of the conservative Presbyterian Lay Committee, said the new definition was a repudiation of the Bible and approved “what God does not bless.” She urged Presbyterians to protest by redirecting donations away from the national church until the original marriage definition is restored.



A non-profit organisation Revamp Africa is hosting their annual networking series for young, African professionals dubbed “Black Podium: Young Professionals Networking Mixer”.  The event will take place on Saturday March 21, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. at Bedouin Pool Lounge (inside Lizzy Sports Complex), East Legon, Accra.

The main purpose of this mix and mingle event is to introduce, connect and solidify partnerships amongst Ghana’s new, elite class of young, innovative achievers. All attending creative entrepreneurs, ICT, medical and business professionals across the nation will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and talk about the various products and services that they provide.

 There will be food and beverage specials all night, free parking, raffle giveaways and so much more.

 “Whether you are a young photographer, developer, social entrepreneur or an expert medical doctor we encourage you to attend this event. Essentially your network IS your net worth. If we can establish the right partnerships amongst ourselves, we can mutually benefit and create solutions to challenges we face each day in our various industries. This is also a great opportunity to market yourself and your organisation. You never know where your big break is going to come from or from whom. Do not miss out on such an investment towards your future career success. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you as we start this new journey of diminishing negative perceptions, effectively utilising talent and potential and revamping Africa,” says Whitney A. Osei, President & Co-Founder of Revamp Africa, Inc.

 The dress code for this event is business casual for both men and women. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring along a business/call card to exchange with one another.

 Tickets are 25 GHC before March 15, 30 GHC after.


For more information:

Call: 023 103 3333


or visit http://www.revampafrica.org


Revamp Africa, Inc. On social media:
Facebook: facebook.com/revampafrica

Instagram: @revampafrica
Twitter: @revampafrica

Preacher CREFLO DOLLAR sollicits for $65M to acquire a new Private Jet


The minister, known for being a prosperity preacher at his Atlanta-area World Changers Church International, is seeking “200,000 people committed to sow $300 or more (to) help achieve our goal to purchase the G650 airplane.”

The figures were presented Friday in a nearly six-minute video on the Creflo Dollar Ministries website (the video was not viewable Friday night) and total more than $60 million needed to buy the Gulfstream G650, which goes for a reported $65 million.

The Gulfstream G650 can fly eight passengers and four crew members some 8,000 statue miles at a cruising speed of Mach 0.85, according to specs posted on gulfstream.com.

The project isn’t limited to member donations, as the site states that “we are asking members, partners and supporters of this ministry to assist us in acquiring a Gulfstream G650.”

The request goes on to detail that the luxury jet will transport Pastors Creflo and Taffi Dollar and member of the Dollars’ church around the globe to help them spread the gospel.

Prosperity gospel is a theology that promises wealth and health to those who tithe 10% of their income to the church.

The video includes parishioners, a pilot, a project manager and even the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, advocating on behalf of the pastor.

On the video, the pastor chronicles incidents involving his current jet, which has been in service for more than three decades: The right engine went out en route to Australia, but the plane was able to safely land at its destination thanks to the experience of the pilot and crew. During another trip, mechanical failure caused the jet to skid off a runway in London while Taffi Dollar and their three daughters were aboard.

Dollar attributed his family’s safe arrival to “a grace working on that airplane, that brought my girls back home to me, you understand what I am saying?” he said from the pulpit to thunderous applause.

Dollar said that after those incidents, he “knew that it was time to begin to believe God for a new airplane.”

The Gulfstream G650 would comfortably allow the ministry make its way around the world. It seats up to 14 passengers with berthing for six, according to gulfstream.com. The jet comes with two Rolls-Royce engines, high-speed Internet and two multichannel satellites and allows for a 2½-hour commute from New York to Los Angeles.

“The G650 is the biggest, fastest, most luxurious, longest range and most technologically advanced jet — by far,” according to the site.

In soliciting the donations, Dollar’s site states, “We need your help to continue reaching a lost and dying world for the Lord Jesus Christ. Your love gift of any amount will be greatly appreciated.”



The event dubbed, Spiritpreneurship (spiritual entrepreneurship, for short) will assemble chief executive officers, managing directors, politicians, business professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, enterprising young leaders, ministers of the gospel as well as individuals who sense the calling of God to go into the field of business and entrepreneurship. The summit will provide an opportunity to network with key Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as creating exposure to groundbreaking business ideas and concepts. Delegates would also discover bible-based secrets to entrepreneurship excellence. SPIRITPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT comes off on Saturday March 28 at the Holiday Inn Airport Hotel in Accra and starts at 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Mr. William Ato Essien is the Founder & President of Essien Swiss International Capital Holdings.
He holds a BSc Degree in Marketing and a number of certificates from the Ghana Stock Exchange.
Mr. Essien is responsible for developing and driving the strategic direction of Essien Swiss International Capital Holdings.
He has held various positions in Finance and Management and prior to establishing Essien Swiss International Capital Holdings, worked as Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Plus Savings & Loans Ltd, now First Capital Plus Bank – one of the financial Institutions he founded. He currently has majority interests in First Capital Plus Bank, ESICH life Assurance Company Ltd, Ocean Spring Natural Mineral Water and a partner Director for Lloyds Brokers Company Ltd.
Mr. Essien is an avid motivational speaker and he believes that business leaders and leaders in general should harness the power of God in the marketplace to deepen their knowledge and also maximize the effectiveness of their activities. Mr. Essien also believes in philanthropy and he established the William Ato Essien Foundation (WAEF) in June 2011 to provide financial support for educational and health purposes and also to impact the society in general.
In 2011, he was also awarded the Global Professional International Achiever Award (GPA) for his humanitarian works and also for transforming First Capital Plus from a small micro-finance company into a financial powerhouse within just a period of two years through inspirational leadership and innovation.

In 2012, he was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year – Banking & Finance Category for the year 2011 by the Ghana Entrepreneurs Foundation for exhibiting an outstanding entrepreneurial spirit and for his achievements in sustaining economic growth, generating employment and innovation in Ghana.
Mr. Essien is regarded as a youth icon and an inspiration to the youth and he received a Five-Star Mentor Award from WAVES International in 2012 for being an inspiration to the youth of Ghana.


Gospel Music Maestro Sonnie Badu is in Ghana currently recording a tune with Chris. Chris was crowned winner of the  VODAFONE ICONS music reality show sometime last year. Sonnie posted on his instagram page that Chris happens to be the first Ghanaian gospel artist endorsed by him and also the first Ghanaian local artist he has featured.

Sonnie posted a picture of himself and Chris mashing it up at the Groove House Studios inside NCC, Kasoa. The song is produced by one of Ghana’s most talented and celebrated musician Francis Osei who was recently awarded at the last edition of BASS CLINIC, one of Africa’s biggest gathering of musicians. This should be a good start-up for the young gospel musician Chris. We thank God he didnt go into worldly music with his God given Talent.18983_10203809100812936_4465489462119674054_n 10404281_10203809100092918_2646516244123115439_n 10636249_10203809101332949_1708692300978773207_n 11019210_10203809100372925_6323117872167385689_n 11042945_10203809099812911_525375172910130718_n 11043000_10203809100212921_847962136575588151_n 11043022_10203809100892938_6883410117691226000_n 11050693_10203809100692933_2467218584070492414_n


empraise auditions (1)

The non denominational ministry E’mPraise Incorporation is seeking for new, young and talented singers to join the contemporary gospel group.

As passionate as they are about the gospel, the group which is an assembly of worshipers and minstrels from different churches noted that they also want God to use them wholeheartedly to preach his word hence the channel to propagate the message is music.

In expanding the group to help realize their mission and purpose effectively, The group is exercising audition sessions for interested persons who want to be a part of this great ministry.

The link below will lead you to a form u can fill to qualify you participate in this enrollment process. You can also call 0271566666 to book an audition session.


Pastor’s Wife Says God “instructed” her to Do $ex Show


According to Dr. Yvonne Capehart, the wife of Pastor Lee Capehart, who counsels couples with her husband at Believers Life Center in Pensacola, Florida, God was leading her to accept a position of “s*xpert” on We Tv’s new show “S*x Box.”

The controversial show, which premiered on Friday, features a mixture of gay, straight, married and unwed couples who go into a sound-proof box which is displayed on stage in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. After having intercourse or some other s*xual relations in the “privacy” of the box, the couples then come out and discuss the intimate details with the panel of “s*xperts.”

In an interview with CBN News, Capehart said that she was not worried about what critics had to say about her appearing on the show, because it was God who “instructed” her to be a part of the panel.

The mother of two boys went on to say that she did struggle with her decision to be a part of the cast, but after much prayer and understanding of the “assignment” from God, she decided she would take part in the show.

“I did turn them down three times, of course, for the title, the content, and the layout of the show. Originally when I heard about it I was ‘whoa!’” said Capehart, who is also the founder of the Healed for Real conferences.

Capehart told CBN that she has found in her life that even though she has come across some things that she thought she shouldn’t do, sometimes God will push her on to do it anyway. She added that after the third time of turning the show down, God told her that “He had prepared me to do this and my presence would make a difference on the show.”

Joining Capehart on the panel will be s*xologist and clinical psychotherapist, Dr. Chris Donaghue, and Dr. Fran Walfish, a relationship psychotherapist. They will be giving advice to three couples on the show each week about their intimate and emotional “troubles” after they have had their fun together in the box.

According to We tv, the cubicle was designed specifically so that couples could focus on one another’s needs with no outside distractions, because although the live studio audience can see the box on stage, there are no cameras and it is sound proof.

“I think my role is pretty much a doer role,” Capehart said when discussing why she thinks she is on the show.  “I am not only a pastor, but I do have a doctorate degree in counseling as well. I am able to give biblical advice and pastoral advice as well as personal advice to the couples that were on the show.”

With regards to how she will counsel same-s*x and unmarried couples on the show, Capehart said she would treat them no differently than she would couples in her church. She added, “Not all the couples in my church are saved, delivered, set free. I am one of those that believe that if people are in trouble and need help we should offer them help.”

Believing that she has been called and anointed to speak to all people, Capehart said that she is doing exactly that on the show. She added that she believes she has been called by God to speak to all people, whether they are in the church or of the world.

Story: Nigel Boys

Pastor Impregnates 20 women in his church at the same time.


Timothy Ngwu, 53-year-old pastor of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, has been arrested for s*xual abuse after claiming that the Holy Spirit told him to have intercourse with at least 20 women in his congregation. The Nigerian pastor, who had relations with married women as well as young girls, has impregnated at least 20 members of the church where he served.

Ebere Amaraizu, DSP, spokesperson for the Enugu State Police Command, says that Ngwu has been arrested for with abuse charges. “The pastor claims to be obeying prophetic/spiritual injunction to do the will of God, which is to impregnate any one chosen and revealed by the Holy Spirit, irrespective of whether the woman is married or not,” Amaraizu stated.

“When the woman is delivered of the baby, the child remains in the ministry with the mother for life,” he added.

Ngwu was reported by his wife, Veronic Ngwu, who no longer lives with him, because she was upset by his indecent behavior towards his congregants and also a deep concern for her niece whom he had impregnated.

One of Ngwu’s brothers claims that he had been warning Ngwu about his inappropriate lifestyle for some time, but that his advice was not heeded. He believes that the arrest was due to God’s wrath.

“Let me tell you, God’s anger has befallen my brother, we have severally appealed to him to stop what he was doing but he refused. He has colonized our compound, bearing children with recklessness. He accused us of being jealous of him because he is doing the will of God,” the brother shared in an interview.

“Look at these buildings here,” he said as he pointed to the church. “He (pastor) has converted all of them to himself in the name of vineyard. I can’t say exactly what informed his spirit to the devilish act in the name of God. He sacked his betrothed wife who has three children for him and embarked on impregnating married women and young girls,” he said with grief.
“How can an educated man of his status reason like an unrefined man? All members of the vineyard are fools, how can a woman abandon her husband for another man in the name of worshiping God and practice adultery? Let them sort themselves out with the police but I want the ministry to be shut down completely,” he added.

Ngwu claims to have 5 wives and 13 children, calling the other women “concubines” that God gave him. He says all intercourse with married women had been approved by their husbands according to the will of the Holy Spirit.