Contemporary Gospel music has been circulating amongst us in just about a handful of English speaking congregations and communities in the country and I’m motivated to break out of that perimeter with my next project” – Pastor Nana Yaw Boakye.

Minister NanaYaw Boakye as he is largely called in the Contemporary Gospel music population, told NICKSOLOMONBLOG in an interview that his new project, THE NEW WINE CONCERT, will be the turnaround for his ministry and he intends to go mainstream with the brand new album associated with it. He mentioned that contemporary Gospel music has stayed far too long in its domains and its crucial for the sake of its development to move out into other territories and markets touching and impacting more lives. With a state-of-the art event production, holy spirit filled tunes and a consolidated marketing and publicity strategy, he believes that staying in the conventional market for contemporary gospel music will be a thing of the past.

After this revealing interview with Minister NanaYaw, my team stepped out and exercised a survey that cut across different demographics. Our findings revealed that out of the multitudes we engaged, less than 20% knew little or nothing about contemporary Gospel music and those behind it. This exposition was very shocking and quite disturbing considering the time, money and energies our artists invest into recording and promoting their songs.

I know!!! Your question is as good as mine………. What are we not doing right? Are we hiring the wrong people for professional services? Are we being too what some will call “spiritual”? As far as Christianity is concerned, are we united as one people? Are we being too proud to study from experts? Well, gathering pieces from NanaYaw’s submission, he seems to have found the blueprint to breaking out of the box. Let’s wait and see what his got for us with his new project, “THE NEW WINE CONCERT” which is also in aid of autism awareness.

The sweet to hear singer emanated from the camp of one of Ghana’s multiple awards winning Gospel recording artist, Cwesi Oteng, where he served, studied and improved his singing career. He is now a recording artist and a pastor at the Royal House Chapel International under the leadership of Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah.

THE NEW WINE CONCERT, a live DVD recording comes off at the Royal House Chapel International(AHENFIE) on the 22nd February, 2015, 4PM sharp. Also performing at this concert will be Cwesi Oteng, Niella, Francis Amo, Preachers and Ghana’s sensational choir E’MPRAISE. You definitely don’t want to miss this…





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