TREND FRIDAY: Stay Chic! Mid-Week Church Fashion


We flawlessly appear in our Sunday’s Best to church, on Sundays, take selfies and full portraits to feed our Instagram account as we count the notification rise on the likes. Question is, why can’t we appear as chic at mid-week church services as we do on Sundays?

Truth is, you wouldn’t want to wear your Sunday’s Best during mid-week services, and that’s fine; dress down, but stay in style. All said, style is about distinctiveness and identity in appearance.

Here are a few outfit looks for your mid-week church services. Oh yeah! There’s something for the men too. Check these out!









God deserves you Mid-week’s Best too.

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There are some fundamental things that you as an artist have to understand to make your art go from a hobby to a career. First and foremost, if you are trying to make your music your career, you have to be able to view it in two forms: art and business–there is no other way. If you can’t do that, you need to re-evaluate what you’re trying to accomplish. Now that we’re past that, let’s discuss your music career as a business and how you should be investing in it.

Treat it like a Business

There are some different ways to view this depending on the size of the artist, but for now we will just focus on the smaller independent artist who is just getting started. As revolting as it may seem to your artistic side, try to view your music as a start-up company and your fans as potential investors. What makes someone invest their money in a start up company? The direct reflection you as the owner are showing them through your product, time, and personal assets you invest. Why would anyone want to put their hard-earned money or time into your business if you aren’t willing to do the same? If you have nothing at stake personally, then it shows a lack of commitment and conviction to your cause. You need to be at risk and it needs to be apparent to your potential investors (fans) so they can get behind you. That doesn’t mean you absolutely have to put 100 percent of your money and time into the business, but people need to feel that you are committed and in it for the long haul.

Invest in your Music

So, what’s the right percentage? Is there a right one? It’s different for every artist but in the beginning you should be leaning very high toward the investment side if not 100 percent. Chances are you are going to be in the negative like any new business for a while, putting 100 percent of the income you make right back into it plus extra if you can afford it. Luckily, there are certain things you can do in the beginning to try and offset this. For example, there are merchandise companies that will let you pay off merchandise orders at a later date, giving you time to sell and make the money directly from the product first. You may have to start out by paying upfront, but once you build a relationship with the company, that trust can be applied.

Its about a Brand

The same goes for fans buying into your brand. Would you wear your T-shirt? If not, why would they? Take pride in everything you put out, from your music to the smallest details. You might think people don’t notice the time investment but trust me, they do. Investing the time is HUGE and a lot of young artists don’t want to wait. “Hey, let’s play this brand new song live we wrote yesterday” is probably not the best idea on the business end. When was the last time you heard the owner of a new company say to a potential investor, “Hey, I came up with this awesome business idea last night. Can I have your money for it?” Understanding that every time you are performing your art in front of people is a business opportunity to gain new investors in your brand can give you the patience and understanding to fine-tune your brand.

Once you understand the commitment required to make your art go from passionate hobby to self-sustaining career you will know how important investing in your music as a business is. When you start applying it, you will never go back.



Charter House, organizers of the nation’s biggest honors in music, GHANA MUSIC AWARDS will finally release the list of nominees for the 2015 edition of the awards this Friday, February 27.

The nominees for the awards, dubbed ‘Ignited By Passion’, will be revealed at an event at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. The event, according to organizers, will also preview what to expect at this year’s awards, which will be the sixteenth.

Gospel Music over the years has the potential to appear in about 13 categories out of the 24 and these includes:

Gospel Song Of The Year

Gospel Artiste Of The Year

Best Female Vocal Performance

Best Male Vocal Performance

Best Collaboration Of The Year

Best Music Video of the Year

New Artiste Of The Year

Album Of The Year

Vodafone Song Of The Year

Gospel Album Of The Year

Song Writer Of The Year

Record Of The Year

Artiste of the Year

The question is, which Gospel artists deserves these nominations? Have we done enough to even be nominated? Are Gospel songs that popular? Do we have artists like Cwesi Oteng and Sonnie Badu to compete the overall Artist Of The Year Award?  Let’s get talking………



The Second gathering of Christian Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders for networking and learning has been scheduled for Saturday March 28 at the Holiday Inn Airport Hotel in Accra.  This unique event will start at 9:00 AM and end at 3:00 PM.

The event dubbed, Spiritpreneurship (spiritual entrepreneurship, for short) will assemble chief executive officers, managing directors, politicians, business professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, enterprising young leaders, ministers of the gospel as well as individuals who sense the calling of God to go into the field of business and entrepreneurship. The summit will provide an opportunity to network with key Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as creating exposure to groundbreaking business ideas and concepts. Delegates would also discover bible-based secrets to entrepreneurship excellence and timeless secrets to successful spiritual entrepreneurship.

The maiden edition of the summit was a huge success, attracting an overflowing number of business executives and entrepreneurs who went home with a life-transforming experience. This year’s edition promises a greater experience according to the event organizers.

The theme for the 2015 Edition is “Kingdom Secrets To Perpetual Wealth” will examine some of the time tested biblical strategies for creating trans-generational wealth. Spiritpreneurship 2015 takes inspiration from Isaiah 48:17 which says “…I am the Lord your God who TEACHES YOU to profit, who leads you by the way you should go”.  A special highlight of the event would include honouring twelve (12) “Marketplace Apostles” whose character and commitment to excellence has exalted Christ and the Kingdom of God in the marketplace.

Dr. Randy Osae Bediako, CEO of Kharis Group and Founder/Host of the Spiritpreneurship Summit, reveals that the idea behind the annual event is to serve as a catalyst for marketplace revival and to encourage Christian excellence in character and work that will lead to exalting Christ in the marketplace. “Spiritpreneurship embodies synthesizing spirituality with the art of creating wealth. If you are Christian, every aspect of your life should be rendered as worship to God”, he said.

Randy is convinced that God is raising a new breed of entrepreneurs and corporate executives and empowering them to create substantial wealth through business and entrepreneurship. This new breed sees wealth, not as an end to be sought after, but as a tool to do the work of God and promote the agenda of Jesus Christ in the market place.

Confirmed speakers for the event include: Bishop Gideon Titi-Ofei, CEO, Almond Institute &The Pleasant Place , Mr. George Kojo Addison, MD StarLife Assurance Company, Mr. Samuel Sakyi-Hyde, CEO, Unicredit Ghana, Mr. Kojo Addae Mensah, CEO, Databank Group, Mr. William Ato Essien, Founder, First Capital Plus Bank, Mr. Kojo Ohene-Kyei, Founder & CEO, IFS Financial Services, Mrs. Dzigbordi Dosoo, Founder & CEO, Allure Africa, Dr. Joyce R. Aryee, CEO, Salt & Light Ministries and Mr. Stephen Ato Eshun, General Manager, Sunny FM.

Some thematic areas to be treated in the summit include: Biblical strategies for creating perpetual wealth, What does it take to become a spiritual entrepreneur? Pursuing business as a calling, operating the business anointing, The role of business people in national transformation, How vital is perpetual wealth? Biblical principles for successful branding, The influence of salt and light in the marketplace, The power to create wealth, The benefits of financing the gospel amongst others.

Sponsors for Spiritpreneurship 2015 include:  Databank Group, StarLife Assurance Company, The Coca -Cola Company, UniCredit Ghana Ltd, Omega Capital, IFS Financial Services and Centrifuj.  The summit is also being supported  by Holiday Inn Airport Hotel, HR Focus Magazine,, Business Day, Business Finder, Business & Financial Times, Effusion Africa, Kharis Magazine, Viasat 1, PrettyCutty Productions, 4Heem Apparel, TV Africa, Precious TV,  TV 3, Footprint TV,  EC 12:1 TV, DDP Outdoor Ltd,  Team1000Words, Citi FM, Star FM, Sweet Melodies FM, Sunny FM, Cross Walk Modelling Agency.

Spiritpreneurship Summit 2015 is organized by Kharis Media Ltd (a division of kharis Group), Publishers of Kharis Magazine, Ghana’s Best Christian Magazine. Further details of the event could be accessed at


TREND FRIDAY: Fashion Tips For Church

Fashion and church trends is such a taboo type subject especially in our part of the world. It is definitely time to cover what not to wear in church-regardless of religious preference. This article will cover the most common fashion no’s seen at church.

Do not wear tight or too short clothing to church. One reason people attend church is to worship and because church is sacred. With that being noted, leave the club wear at the club. Out of respect for church, if wearing a dress or skirt it should at least be knee length. Please also refrain from long skirts with splits that may show your essentials.

Unless you have issues with your eyes, please remove your shades. You are not a celebrity. Wearing shades while anyone in authority speaks is rude.

Please lightly spray your cologne or perfume. The congregation should not smell your fragrance from the parking lot of the church.

Ladies, please wear the correct undergarments. If wearing white garments, please wear undergarments that match your skin tone. Rule of thumb for fashions, pretend everyone has X-ray vision. If that thought makes you feel uncomfortable then go with a second choice outfit.

Most men do pretty well when it comes to church and business environments, but the next few fashion tips are for men. When wearing a new suit, please remove all tags and threading. For example, jackets with designer’s tags on the arms of the suit is only for in store purposes. Please remove these tags from the sleeves of your suits before attending church service. The threading on the lower part of the jacket should also be removed. Suits have a lot of styles and fashions, so please make sure you are choosing your suit colors wisely. A man wearing a suit should not look like they are begging for alms by the roadside. Desist from wearing suits on a hot sun to prevent odor and Last but certainly not least, please make sure all socks worn are clean and hole and fur ball free.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg when speaking on church and fashions on Nicksolomonblog. Subscribe to this blog and get updated on these topics. With any fashion, when in doubt-don’t. Let’s go to church.

Story: Nick Solomon



I am more than certain there is someone reading this that wishes they had all of the answers, wishing that they could pray away the storm, wishing that they could just work themselves senseless to success and happiness. I wish this was true for all of us because there comes a time in our lives that no matter how hard we work it just doesn’t come together the way we like.

We couldn’t hold that relationship together.

We couldn’t keep the business afloat.

We couldn’t survive in this “DUMSOR” economy.

We just could not make so many things in our life work, and we’ve failed in so many areas of our lives. We can massage the idea of creating that which we want all day, but it is the process, the work, the sacrifices, and all of the unknown variables that eventually lead to our destiny not forgetting the primary factor, GOD.

The road walked that is synonymous with walking with a blind fold on–we just don’t know the outcome no matter how well we roll the dice. The paradox to this scenario is that we lose so much of ourselves along our journey, we experience so much pain and frustration, and disappointment that it’s almost like, “success can’t possibly look like this.” Our efforts to live the “perfect” life drain us as we find ourselves continuously putting our fires, while new ones start.

In these moments we question the reason for our existence because mentally it can get just that bad.

However, I implore you…. stay the course. Have faith in God.

Give it just one more day, one more hour, one more minute. There is still hope as long as you’re breathing and capable. Your existence is important to all around you and if they haven’t affirmed this for you, I am at this very moment. Your story and your process has value because we can never  hear enough stories of struggle that aid in keeping us all motivated and conscious of our own journey in life. Your life, just like mine, is not clear and cut in stone. A fairytale was not promised to any of us, and we cannot control or predict every single outcome of our lives. We can live with very good intentions and still make mistakes. We’ve all done it.

What I would hate for you to do is fall short of your own glory and triumph because you’ve become paralyzed by failure. We place so much on ourselves when we make mistakes, or when our lives don’t go the way they should. God does not look at you in that way, so never put so much stock in mans implication of you. Most people will criticize you before they reach a hand out to help you. Just understand that is the default nature of most people, but when you are of a higher mindset and you understand that your job is to move from failure to failure along your journey to your ultimate life, you won’t excuse yourself from your faults but what you will do is become more conscious and aware of the direction that you need to go in life.

With so many people in pain and uninspired we can never run out of success stories, which is why we need you to press on and cross the finish line. It means so much more than you realize!

Press on. We’re all counting on you.

You are valuable beyond measure.



Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is Out With Their 29th Album “PRAY”

he six-time Grammy Award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir returns to their musical roots with their 29th album, PRAY.

This live album is a return to a familiar sound – a sound that many have come to know as the “BTC sound.” While the concept is reminiscent of their first live album, Live: A Celebration of Worship and Praise, it is an album for the church of today. The album’s title track, “Pray,” is a soul-stirring reminder of what Jesus said: “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Matthew 21:22)

Pray takes the listener on a musical journey with 14 new songs that are sure to captivate and rouse the soul. The first few songs take us to church with praise and worship that ushers the listener into a place of communion with Him. From the hand clapping, up-tempo, “Jesus Is,” to the beautifully orchestrated “He Loved Me” — a reminder of when we first accepted His love, Pray takes the listener through a melodic voyage with the final destination, “Come to Jesus,” constituting a sweet beckon to run to the arms of Christ.

“With so many tragic events happening in the world today, PRAY serves as a reminder of the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, because communion is what He longs for His people to have with Him,” says Carol Cymbala, Founder and Choir Director of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, “My hope is that the songs on this album will draw believers and non-believers to worship and believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

PRAY is now on iTunes. Suggested retail price for PRAY is $12.99.



According to a ranking done by ETV GHANA, these are the top Christian most influential people in Ghana. The whole ranking of 100 people was topped by our own Dr. Mensah Otabil, General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church(ICGC) and the Vice Chancellor of the Central University College.

Out of the 100 people on the ranking, 9 Christian personalities made it to the list including singer  Sonnie Badu who is currently the Gospel Artist of the year.

Below is the list of Christian personalities who made it to the list:












Contemporary Gospel music has been circulating amongst us in just about a handful of English speaking congregations and communities in the country and I’m motivated to break out of that perimeter with my next project” – Pastor Nana Yaw Boakye.

Minister NanaYaw Boakye as he is largely called in the Contemporary Gospel music population, told NICKSOLOMONBLOG in an interview that his new project, THE NEW WINE CONCERT, will be the turnaround for his ministry and he intends to go mainstream with the brand new album associated with it. He mentioned that contemporary Gospel music has stayed far too long in its domains and its crucial for the sake of its development to move out into other territories and markets touching and impacting more lives. With a state-of-the art event production, holy spirit filled tunes and a consolidated marketing and publicity strategy, he believes that staying in the conventional market for contemporary gospel music will be a thing of the past.

After this revealing interview with Minister NanaYaw, my team stepped out and exercised a survey that cut across different demographics. Our findings revealed that out of the multitudes we engaged, less than 20% knew little or nothing about contemporary Gospel music and those behind it. This exposition was very shocking and quite disturbing considering the time, money and energies our artists invest into recording and promoting their songs.

I know!!! Your question is as good as mine………. What are we not doing right? Are we hiring the wrong people for professional services? Are we being too what some will call “spiritual”? As far as Christianity is concerned, are we united as one people? Are we being too proud to study from experts? Well, gathering pieces from NanaYaw’s submission, he seems to have found the blueprint to breaking out of the box. Let’s wait and see what his got for us with his new project, “THE NEW WINE CONCERT” which is also in aid of autism awareness.

The sweet to hear singer emanated from the camp of one of Ghana’s multiple awards winning Gospel recording artist, Cwesi Oteng, where he served, studied and improved his singing career. He is now a recording artist and a pastor at the Royal House Chapel International under the leadership of Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah.

THE NEW WINE CONCERT, a live DVD recording comes off at the Royal House Chapel International(AHENFIE) on the 22nd February, 2015, 4PM sharp. Also performing at this concert will be Cwesi Oteng, Niella, Francis Amo, Preachers and Ghana’s sensational choir E’MPRAISE. You definitely don’t want to miss this…



3 Sentences That Will Instantly Calm an Angry Person

If only the world were populated exclusively by the sane and rational, your job as a business owner would certainly be a lot easier. But as we all know, some people spend much of their lives over-agitated or spoiling for a fight, and even the most level-headed of us sometimes let our emotions get the best of us.

You can’t always avoid having to deal with overly emotional people, but while these difficult conversations are simply part of life, there are ways to make them less painful and more constructive.

The piece features an interview with Dr. Albert Okine, a clinical psychologist who, while treating the truly psychotic, perfected his techniques for bringing out-of-control conversations back down to Earth. His advice includes tips like, “If you feel like a nursery teacher, you’re probably doing it right,” and suggestions for soothing outraged folks on the phone, as well as these phrases to help turn down the emotional dial on your most challenging conversations.

  1. “Please Speak More Slowly. I’d Like to Help.”

The problem may not be that they’re speaking too quickly; the problem may be they’re screaming their head off or sobbing uncontrollably. Nonetheless, this phrase can work its magic, according to Okine.

“Why does this work? It breaks the pattern in their head,” the post explains. “They’re expecting you to resist them but you’re not. You’re asking them to clarify. You’re interested. This makes them shift more out of ‘dinosaur brain’ and into thinking. And that’s good.”

  1. “What Would You Like Me to Do?”

This one works on similar principles to phrase number one. It knocks the over-emotional person out of using their “dinosaur brain”—the primitive, emotional part that only knows flight or fight—and forces them to start using move evolved thinking skills.

  1. Any Question at All

It doesn’t matter how loony the other party is being; if you want to get the conversation back on any sort of sane track, telling them they’re insane or explaining how your viewpoint is more sensible isn’t going to help. Why?
“Explaining is almost always a disguised form of fighting back,” says Okine. The other party will sense that and just get more aggressive and emotional.

The act of listening is reflecting back the person’s emotional state, not necessarily the content of what they’re saying,” according to Dr. Okine, and doing that by asking relevant questions is more likely to calm people down and lead the conversation onto firmer ground than any attempt to inject level-headed good sense.