Come the 2nd of August  2014, the PEREZ DOME CHAPEL will be set on fire with thrilling performances from both local and international gospel artists as ADOM PRAIZ 2014 edition comes off. Ghana experienced 20 years of gospel music in 45 minutes from the American awards winning gospel singer KIRK FRANKLIN at the 2013 edition of ADOM PRAIZ.

MEDIA EXCEL PRODUCTION’S gospel artist, JOYCE BLESSING, is announced to perform in songs  on the same stage with America’s gospel music legend CECE WINANS who is one of two headline artists at ADOM PRAIZ 2014. The multiple award winning artist including the ALBUM OF THE YEAR AWARD  at the just ended VODAFONE GHANA MUSIC AWARDS joins a list of other local artists on Saturday to perform at ADOM PRAIZ.

 The HEAVY PRICE singer was chosen to perform with CECE WINANS due to heavy rotation of her songs on the international media. Joyce is currently in the studio with Ghana’s finest Gospel band, PL CREW, rehearsing for Saturday’s concert. She said this is a great opportunity for her and she’s doing all it takes to deliver an excellent performance with the help of God.

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Monarch’s praise, the local choir of living streams international church headed by Rev. Maquaye has been putting together an annual music concert dubbed SING OUT for the past few years. In the past, the event has been headlined by seasoned international awards winning gospel artists in the likes of MALI MUSIC, MICAH STAMPLEY amongst others.

SING OUT has been one of Ghana’s major and well planned gospel concerts that appears on the calendar of so many concert patrons and this year is of no exception. The typical September program comes off again this year, Saturday the 13th of September, 2014 at the Accra International Conference Center, 6pm sharp.

The concert will be headlined by one of America’s radical and energetic Gospel recording artist TYE TRYBETT with support from ace Ghanaian Praise and worship leader JOE METTLE and one of Nigeria’s leading comedian and gospel singer AKPORORO. Stick and stay and stay with me as i will be giving you a lot more information on this concert.


Certainly it is the best Christian record label in Ghana. MEDIA EXCEL PRODUCTION is a full talent management, event and marketing outfit that have contributed to the development of Ghanaian music over the years. The outfit, headed by Mr. Ernest Kwesi Ennin, a prolific music consultant who has worked in the industry both locally and internationally for over 20 years currently manages over 10 high profiled artists and also grooming a couple of up and coming musicians.

MEDIA EXCEL PRODUCTION has brought to the limelight gospel award winning artists such as SP KOFI SARPONG and the sensational JOYCE BLESSING who recently won the Gospel album of the year at the just ended VGMA. The company has the ability to turn church singing artists into national and global gospel icons in just a few months.

The company has in the previous week signed on another artist in the name of ROSE ADJEI and don’t be surprised to hear her songs on rotation on all radio and TV platforms in the country. ROSE ADJEI, a married Christian with kids has a total of nine songs on her album with songs like ADOM, NYAME YE and EGYA W’AHWE ME SO which features gospel diva, OPIESIE ESTHER. The album was produced by award winning instrumentalist DAN GRAHL and DDT at Groove Factory Studio in Accra.

Mr. Ennin mentioned that he is going to work tirelessly on this new artist to make her songs household tunes that will bring healing and restoration to its listeners just like he has done with other musicians on his record label. like I said earlier, just give MEDIA EXCEL PRODUCTION a few months and all you would hear on your radio and televisions will be ROSE ADJEI.



This might sound new to you but YES!!! the president of HEARTBEAT MUSIC, Denzel Agyemang Prempeh is an ordained Reverend minister of God at the DESTINY CHAPEL. Rev. Denzel Agyemang Prempeh is the founder and current president of HEARTBEAT, a gospel oriented group with sub-brands such as HEARTBET SOUND and HEARTBEAT VOICE.
Popularly known in the gospel music circles as Denzel, He founded the HEARTBEAT MUSIC in 2011 with the first edition of their annual music concert at the TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH. Subsequent editions have been held at the National Theater. The Rev minister mentioned that they have been able to reach their target by letting their guests and the congregants understand true worship and also let the youth understand the purpose of living morale lives.
The group is at it again this year with another refreshing concert dubbed “a sound from heaven” on the 10th of August, 2014 at the national theater, 3pm. For those of you who were present for the concert last year saw a display of excellence and experienced God in a worshipful atmosphere. Well this year Denzel and the HEARTBEAT MUSIC has promised a four hour nonstop atmosphere of worship, waiting, yearning and chasing after God. Other artists to join in this experience will be the legendary NII OKAI, MAHALIA BUCHANAN from South Africa , REV. OWUSU ANSAH and DAVID OMODUNMIJU.
I hope you don’t miss out what God has for His people on that day. A 20ghc will give you an admission right to this concert come August 10th. You can visit their website for more updates on this concert. catch you!!!


The African Gospel Music Awards( AGMA) is a Christian organization that seeks to promote and expose talented young African Christian artists all over the world by rewarding their hard work. They are at it once again after 5years of recognizing gospel artists.

Over the years Ghanaian gospel artists in the likes of Cwesi Oteng, Nacy, Herty Borngreat amongst others have all received nominations at this prestigious awards ceremony. This year from Ghana, Akesse Brempong popularly known for his hit song ” crazy love” was nominated for the discovery of the year category alongside other artists from Africa. Congratulations to Akesse for this world wide recognition.

AGMA 2014 which will be held in London in August promises to be amazing with guest artists and performances from Cwesi Oteng, Lara George, Frank Edwards and Sonnie Badu

Discovery of the Year AGMA 2014:
1. Shaun P (South Africa)
2. Afriy David (UK)
3. MONIQUE (Nigeria)
4. Syvia Ajayi (UK)
5. Allen Majera (Uganda)
6. Blessing Manafa (Blerisa) (Nigeria)
7. Alex Gichohi Zangi(UK)
8. Daisy Ejang (Uganda)
9. Nayaah Henaku (UK)
10. L Jay Maasai (Kenya)
11. Walter Chahwanda(UK)
12. Kafy Shiyne(UK)
13. Akesse Brempong (Ghana)
14. Meskerem Getu(Ethiopia)



Ghana and Nigeria over the years have had strong ties which has gradually evolved into entertainment. Gospel music has not been an exception in this development and has played a major role in strengthening this relationship between the two West Africa’s strongest nations, Ghana and Nigeria. The influx of pidgin English language which is somehow a native means of communication in Nigeria has had an impact on Gospel music in Ghana hence songs like “BUT FOR YOUR MERCY” (CWESI OTENG),” WONDER GOD” (SONNIE BADU). The Nigerians also incorporated the Ghanaian rhythm, HILIFE, into their forms of music and this fuse has given birth to a new breed of music in NIGERIA and has put their songs on rotation even on the global market.

GHANA NAIJA IN PRAISE, a production of EPISODE 7 EVENTS, Ghana’s most prestigious Christian event company that has chalked a lot of success with Christian events such as THE GHANA GOSPEL MUSIC LEGENDS NIGHT , THE GOD DEY BLESS GHANA CONCERT, TAGOE SISTERS AT 30. Speaking to the production manager, NICHOLAS SOLOMON, he mentioned that the concert which is scheduled to take place in October this year will be the first of its kind and it seeks to bring together heavyweight Gospel artists from Ghana and Nigeria to perform on one big stage in Accra, Ghana. “ WE ARE LEAVING NO STONE UNTURNED AND GHANA WILL EXPERIENCE THE STATE-OF-THE-ART PRODUCTION THAT WILL BRING DOWN THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN A PRAISE AND WORSHIP ATMOSPHEREIMG_20140702_152125” he said.

The concert they said is under construction and when it comes off in October, it will put Christian events on another height in the sub-region. Updates on this concert will be coming your way periodically



1) Develop A Mantra
About seven years ago, when my wife and I were going through a tough time in our marriage, she said one statement that has become our marriage mantra “it’s got to be all or nothing.” The phrase instantly connected with our values and speaks to the shared vision we have for our relationship. Whenever I start to get out of line, she drops those seven words on me and I straighten up like a pole.

2) Your Friends Are Not Relationship Experts!
Don’t involve anyone in your relationship, unless they are an expert.

3) Have A Long Distance Plan
At two times in our relationship, I had to live away from my wife. After just a few days away I realized, if we stayed apart, the relationship would fall apart. If you want a long distance relationship to last you must have a plan to end the distance.

4) A Fire Doesn’t Stay Lit Without Tending To The Coals
You have to put work in to keep your marriage hot. This means periodically doing novel things together. Boredom is like weeds to your relationship — if you don’t eliminate, they’ll kill it.

5) Be Assertive
Despite how well intentioned you and your partner are, if both of you are not assertive, someone is going to be bullied.

6) No Such Thing as Being Independent in Successful Relationship
The key to success (at anything) is interdependence, not independence.

7) It Gets Sweeter Over Time
It has become common thought that as a relationship matures, we become less happy with it. This is one of the most damaging marriage myths. According to research, namely by leading anthropologist Helen Fisher, couples that stay together exhibit stronger attachment and desire for attraction.

8) You’ll Never Complete Them But You Should Complement Them
Searching for completion from anyone but you is futile. You are responsible for your own happiness.

9) Healthy Sex Life Is Critical
Keep in mind “healthy” is subjective. This is why communication is key. The elements both partners deem important in sex (frequency, positions, etc.) must be discussed.

10) Be a Better Listener and You’ll Be a Better Lover
When I learned to stop talking so much and really listen to my wife, our relationship leaped to another level.

11) Fight Fair
Disagreements will happen. Here’s some of my favorite fighting fair advice from Dr. Phil: “The question is, do you go into it with a spirit of looking for resolution or do you go into it with a spirit of getting even, vengeance, control? You’ll never win if you do that. If you make your relationship a competition that means your spouse has to lose in order for you to win. It’s not a competition, it’s a partnership.”

STORY: PAUL C. BRUNSONA woman in white praying


It’s kind of interesting how preaching on the streets have become rampant in our days. Everybody wants to share the word of God with someone and whiles some are genuine, others are fake. At first I thought it was a form of evangelism but after a while I realized that they were church services being held on the streets. The only difference is the motion of the congregation.
From the market places to other busy suburbs of Accra you will find them. Both men and women courageously sharing the gospel with people passing by; sometimes I wonder if the people hear the words being spoken at all? They start with the normal church format: they say a word of prayer, then tell you to open up your hearts as the word comes. That to me is very brilliant, they add songs of worship and praise from time to time not forgetting the fact that they have microphones and speakers. As they are about to end their sermon they ask passerby’s to drop something into the offering bowl, very motivating.
Now that keeps me wondering because I can’t tell if it’s evangelism or a way of making ends meet. I remember Jesus said: “go ye therefore and make disciples of men” but of course man is always quick to satisfy his desires, no matter what they must benefit. So now am asking myself what happened to doing God’s work wholeheartedly? I actually witnessed a fight between two men who were both preaching at the corner of a street. One got people putting so much money into his offering bowl while the other got nothing, guess what? The one who didn’t get any offering started preaching against his fellow preacher. It was a terrible sight. This wouldn’t have happened if they were true men of God, this has obviously become business for people using the name of God for their selfish gains.
So now I’ve got doubts in my mind because those that are naïve are being deceived. An unbeliever will always have negative thoughts about people who claim to be well versed in the word of God. Will people ever respect true men of God when they go out to preach without expecting to receive a dime? How does God feel about these people who are using His name in vain. Well I leave you to decide but in my opinion I think these people should consider thoughts about judgement day.


I got to the rehearsal late. At the time I was serving under Nii Okai with Virtue so I had to go for rehearsals in Tema Community 3 , First Baptist Church(I think) So I got there a bit late. I was received by Quesie Boate who led me to a basement where the meeting was taking place. Abi me I didn’t know that I was going to meet my thing( HUSBAND) there so me deir I went in and sat at the back. Funny thing is that I had been given the song to learn some 2 years ago by another ministry bi in Lome. (But they never got to having the event nti) When I was called by the then MD Mart Gyim, I just went and did what I was created to do……. I remember the silence right after the second try out….ooo E’M Praise. …..

And then from nowhere I locked eyes with this thin, dark, ‘SU President’ looking guy…. our eyes locked just for a brief moment..and then I thought to myself ‘some of these guys can look spiritual papa. Look at his glasses bi’. I mean can u blame me, he looked like his food was fasting (get it, his food was fasting).

And me deir I went to sleep on some table bi coz it was an all night rehearsal. So when it was almost over, the same Quesie Boate escorted me. So the D-Day came. I was on the bill with Joycelyn Armah, Joe Mettle, Nii Okaii. And guess who was assigned to all the guest ministers? Opana!!

I really enjoyed myself. I mean if u have such anointed vessels how can miss the presence of God. So the event was over. Monday I get to the office and log on Facebook and whose message do I see in my inbox? Eiiiii…..spiritual brothers too have feelings. ……lol…

The message read…..

So fast forward 15 months from when I got the message from that ‘tall, thin SU President looking guy’. Its 16th December 2011. Its a Friday and the morning is dryer than the usual. We are all at the upstairs restaurant of Frankies, Osu. Christian Sinclear has very well managed to organise a surprise birthday party for me. (How he pulled it off….esa l3 deintse) Its a breakfast party. And i realise at the table that the people around are not the usual guys we hang out with. He had all my siblings at the table. Evangeline Gbenartey Isaac Gbenartey-Emmanuel Amoo-Darku N’N’adom Essandoh-Smith and very close friends around….Richard Nii Addo and his wife Nana Addo, Edward Oteng Maafo Ruth M’adjoa Otchere and Cami Çami Offei.

All these guys are my witnesses so dont worry its not something I made up.#justsaying. In the middle of the meal he announces that he wants to make a presentation (they were all presenting their gifts so it was not unusual) so he looked to my big sis n her husband at the head of the table and they gave him a nod of approval.

Eiiii na me dier wat is going on here…..that was what I was thinking o….

Last time he (the thin tall dark SU President looking guy) had asked permission to make a presentation at the surprise breakfast meeting. All of a sudden he was on his knees and I (the Ga girl that I am) started asking him ‘eiii what are you doing, aaa what is going on? Blah blah blah…

Pls this is not a dream nor a lie. The reason why I am stressing on this point is that those who know that thin tall dark SU President looking guy may not be able to match what I am saying to what they see when they look at him.

So he removed a crystal box with a red base (fyi I l love red) and said that he loves me and wanted to know if I would marry him.

I, of course a Ga girl who is attempting to be romantic, got up and covered my mouth and said ‘Oh my God, oh my God…yes… I will marry you.’ And we hugged and went on to the breakfast party.

When I was a kid I wanted to marry a white man. For a strange reason I just thought that I would suite a white man better but what did God do? He gave me a man from La, Accra. A man with as many flaws as me and made us one.

He(God) has used him to break me and shape me and mould me so that He (the same God) can fill me with His power.

The moral in this loooonnnggg story is to let you know that:-

1. GOD never works by our time table. Several times while writing, I stop and people keep complaining, getting mad, sometimes even give up reading. I like God never work with your time table. If we appreciate that about God, our walk with Him can be deeper.

2. We need to always trust the Lord that if He says it, He will do it. Each time I ended an episode I would tell you when I would continue. Sometimes I meet the deadlines other times not. God promised to take the people of Israel out of Egypt after 400 yrs. Only after 430 years did salvation come. Let us trust God for what He has said he will do. For God is not slow as men count slowness

3. I meant to encourage you who is trusting God for a partner, job, children etc. What is my proof? If He did it for Sarah, He can do it for you. If He did it for Naomi, He can do it for you.


Be blessed.