After that splendid performance JOE METTLE exhibited on Sunday at the THANKSGIVING 2014 which was held last Sunday, He has been spotted on the streets of Johannesburg in South Africa grabbing a snack from the famous McDonalds.Image

JOE METTLE’S visit to South Africa is unknown but there has been  some bit of rumor that he’s there to shoot his second video after his debut video “NHYIRA” which was shot sometime last two years. In the shot we recognized His videographer which means there could be some truth in the speculation.

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PL Crew , a leading Gospel band based in Ghana that showcases all the genres of Gospel music on Sunday , stormed an event dubbed THANKSGIVING 2014. PL CREW who was engaged by God’s Family Music Ministries, organizers of the event, stole the show  and played their hearts out.Image

Tesano Baptist Church was set ablaze last two night with massive attendance and great music powered by PL Crew Band. It was indeed a night of thanksgiving. Some seasoned artistes with the likes of UNCLE ATO, KODA, JOE METTLE AND CWESI OTENG were present to grace the occasion with powerful songs of thanksgiving. The enthused crowd couldn’t help but to be on their feet and dance with the good music produced by this great band. Their passion and heart for God matched with their skill and anointing.

Talking to individual members in the band just before the concert, they mentioned  that they were very ready for the performance and was not going to leave any stone unturned because enough preparation has been made with regards to rehearsals, prayer and team psyche.

The bass guitar player was fabulous on his new “toy”(synth bass) and nailed it during  Cwasi Oteng’s  count your blessings performance which left the patrons memories to live with. The drummer ,Bludo, as he is popularly called, engaged his fans with splendid chops on the drums passionately. Charlie Keyz and Patrick Chordson were the keyboardists of the day and they thrilled the audience with their stage attitude. The viewers  fell  in love with mind blowing solos from the lead guitar player during KODA’S performance.

The night also saw the inauguration of the God’s Family Music Ministry which seeks to hold this event annually, purposely for thanksgiving and meant to be free for all to be able to attend. It was indeed a night to remember.

PL Crew has performed, worked and recorded with a lot of Gospel Musicians in Ghana and beyond including JOE METTLE, CWESI OTENG, DANNY NETTEY, NII OKAI, NEXT GENERATION GOSPEL MINISTERS, DR. JUANITA BYNUM (USA), MICHELLE HAMMOND (USA) , OB SHINE (NIGERIA), UCHE AGU (NIGERIA) PENJANI NGUNI (ZAMBIA), KIRK WHALUM amongst others.

Till we meet the PL CREW again in Kumasi for the second edition  of AFRICA WORSHIP with SONNIE BADU, lets appreciate them for the good work done.




The General Overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams says the sudden passing ace BBC broadcaster, Komla Dumor, is not of

He said, 41-year-old Komla Dumor was a “very spiritual person witha good heart” which makes it difficult to explain why he should die at the prime of his life.

“He was one that didn’t have just a good head [God] but had a good heart; it was something phenomenal”.

The former Joy FM/BBC presenter died of “cardiac arrest” in his home in London on Saturday, January 18, 2014. He was survived by three children and a wife.

“Did God do this? No. This is not God’s dealing. This is not how God deals with His children, especially with his commitment and his spirituality and seriousness to the things of God,” Archbishop Duncan-Williams said on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Friday.

“There is no amount of explanation that one can give to the family and the children why such a thing should happen to such a good person like Komla”.

He told Bernard Nasara Saibu, co-host of the programme that it would take about a century for Ghana and Africa to have a man like Komla.

“It takes sometimes a hundred years to have men and people like the Komla Dumor type. We’ve lost a great asset and a gift not just from this country [Ghana] but for the whole of Africa,” he grieved.

The Archbishop prayed for God’s “supernatural intervention” on behalf of the family “in this very difficult situation”



Prophet Prempeh operates with extraordinary prophetic mantle under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, helping to liberate people from all kinds of spiritual and socio-economic challenges.  His ministry in the prophetic and the supernatural has resulted in saving many souls through miraculous deliverance and healing.  A sought-after prophet of our time, he travels extensively with the message of Jesus Christ, preaching all over the world holding prophetic conferences and deliverance servicesImage

He holds Honorary Doctorate Degree in D.Mins from Ambassordors College of Ministry & Theological Seminary in New York, USA and now a Bishop Elect by ITHUS Council of UK. And the CEO of Springs group of companies worldwide and the president of International Association of Prophets and Deliverance Ministers, the General Overseer of Springs of Joy Ministries International Worldwide. He has also won different accolades and awards from different organisations and Governmental bodies for his impact on the Kingdom and community including the RECON COMMUNITY LEADERS AWARDS for his leadership in new community based initiatives.

The founder of the popular THUS SAYEST THE LORD TV & Radio broadcast which reaches millions homes around the world. He is married to Mrs Rosemond Prempeh, Psychologist and a life coach with three beautiful daughters.

Prophet has an extensive exposure around the globe and a mutual relationship with very renowned men of God from preachers to great gospel music ministers including the award winning “bread of life” hit singer Fred Hammond who is recovering from a knee surgery. Prophet is the main brain behind the FRED HAMMOND IN GHANA CONCERT which is set to take place at the Accra Sports Stadium on the 15th of March, 2014. Other artists performing on the night includes gospel legend MARY GHANSAH, CWASI OTENG, FRANCIS AMO, JOE METTLE, SOUL WINNERS, DANNY NETTEY and OHEMAA MERCY.



His achievements within the media fraternity could not have been more honorable without projecting his dream beyond the shores of Ghana. The climax of his hard work saw him become the only West African presenter with the African Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).Image

kOMLA DUMOR had the passion to improve the lives of others. He commenced his journalism career at Joy Fm as a traffic watch reporter revealing the challenges people encounter on the road. His firm control over the foreign dialect, English, and perfect description of the traffic situations confronting the nation pulled to his side many admirers. He loved his neighbor as himself and respected everyone he met on His way, from the security guards, gate men through to his bosses. Komla exhibited strong moral values and lived his life a devoted Christian who always was grateful to God for making him whom he became.

He sent this to friend a night before he died and these statements he made tells it all that Komla feared God and lived his life controlled by his originator.

“God has been v good to me.,last year I experienced a lot of illness BP nearly gave me a stroke but I trod on..waking up at 2am and heading to work..exhausted sometimes..aching in my body a soul..mentally and emotionally drained ..but I kept going ..I smiled for the camera..I volunteered for extra shifts ..I showed respect to my colleagues from directors to the security guards..I took a lot of jealousy driven vicious insults and backstabbing  from petty people without reply..I remain silent in my personal strife and misery..I kept smiling and pushing on to present better and to engage w my audience and increase my following.,long days and frustrating times..but I kept going..through the west gate mall coverage through the Mandela funeral..even when illness had me collapsing I my boss the head of television called me for a 1 minute meeting..he said Komla we have decided to make you the anchor presenter for our coverage of the World Cup in Brazil ..we shook hands and I left..I looked to the sky and said thank you Lord for reminding me that you are on my side ..the enemy will be scattered..Selah!Selah! Praise Him..tomorrow is another day”

All things work together for the good of them that love the lord and are called according to his purpose. As Christians, let’s be encouraged and know that Komla’s soul is in safe hands and KOMLA DUMOR STILL LIVES.  Always remember to thank God for your life and make sure you are in His will not yours. REAL SUCCESS IS WHEN YOU HAVE HELPED OTHERS TO ACHIEVE IT. LIFE GOES ON.

2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards calls for entry!

Charterhouse, organisers of the prestigious annual Vodafone Ghana MusicAwards Festival, is inviting for submission, qualified works from Musicians and Record labels that were released between January 1 2013 to December 31, 2013 for nominations in Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Festival 2014. Lets all help push our gospel songs out there.


Send your entries now to Charterhouse Office, Industrial Area. Tel: 050-128-2229. Deadline for submission of entries is January 31, 2014. The 15th VodafoneGhana Music Awards… don’t stop the music!


Bass Clinic, one of Africa’s most popular music workshops which is designed to equip and inspire seasoned and young and upcoming musicians in the country has seen four successful editions in the previous years. 13th January marked exactly one year since Ghana saw the 4th Edition of Bass ClinicImage

. As expected by many, the next Bass Clinic was much anticipated to be held this month to mark the fifth edition. Many will be asking, where is Bass Clinic? This and many other questions have been asked by the public concerning the event. Hype for Bass Clinic hasn’t started yet and I am forced to believe primarily that inadequate sponsorship and funding has contributed to  silence of the organizers. It is well known to believe that Bass Clinic and other Gospel events as a whole suffer inadequate sponsorship and insufficient funding.

A lot of controversies have been raised concerning why secular events seem to be very well organized and properly funded by its respective sponsors. Meanwhile, other well to do events which seek to motivate and equip the youth in the country suffer inadequate funding and sponsorship.

For unknown reasons, some of these questions remain unattended to, keeping the concerned public in suspense.

Notwithstanding that, nicksolomonblog will get to the organizers of the event, BASS PHACTORY to find out why the event has been delayed.


Two years ago, showbiz  gathered a few great expectations of Ghanaians during Christmas where millions of people all over the world expect gifts from loved ones.  Celebrities in the creative arts industry were not left out. Music icons, radio and TV show hosts, comedians, movie stars which included: Abeiku Santana, Emelia Brobbey, Agya Koo, John Dumelo, Efya, Ohemaa Mercy and our own Gospel Diva and awards winning GIFTY OSEI.GIFTY OSEI

In an interaction with showbiz last two years before Christmas, GIFTY OSEI revealed: “If the Vice President John Mahama would give me a hamper, I think I would be a very happy person at Christmas. It would be an honor to receive a hamper from the man I so admire. That alone will be enough for me during this Christmas”

who said wishes don’t come to pass? They do. Lo and behold, there comes a call from the office of the vice-president, The Republic of Ghana, Gifty Osei’s wish came to pass. A fat hamper with lots of goodies to enjoy the season with. The Gospel icon we are sure was in an expectant mood for a replicate of last two years’ miracle but for some reasons things didn’t work out her way.

Perhaps the then Vice-President, now the President of the republic has got so much on his hands he might have forgotten our gospel ‘Shatawaa’ as she recently describes herself. Until then nicksolomonblog will keep you updated on this subject at the end of this year.





Following His first visit to Ghana, The City Of Refuge’s Senior pastor, BISHOP NOEL JONES makes his second appearance into the country from His state of residence LOS ANGELES in the USA.Image

Bishop Jones, who is a world-renowned Theologian, Activist, Author and Philanthropist was first hosted at the national theater in Ghana for the “STORM IS OVER” convention  under the leadership of Dr Prophet Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh who had organised several prophetic, teaching, healing and deliverance services, conferences and conventions, which had helped to liberate many people from spiritual, social and socio-economic challenges.

His second visit is being hosted by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, known in many parts of the world as the Apostle of Strategic Prayer, is the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM), head-quartered in Accra, Ghana. He is the founder and father of the Charismatic Movement in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

Bishop Jones will be ministering at the prayer cathedral on the spintex road tomorrow the 13th of January,2014, 6pm at the church’s usual two weeks fasting declared by the Archbishop at the beginning of every year.

A good way to commence the year it is and we look forward to an impartation of the word.

Kofi Owusu Dua Anto (KODA) EXPOSED!!!

Born Augustine Owusu Kofi Dua Anto (Kofi Owusu Dua Anto shortened KODA) into a family of love and care, KODA lives in Tarkoradi, Western Region of Ghana till date. From a tender age, KODA braved the music he listened to frequently by humming the tunes. Later, mum would for no reason see something so great in his son that at the age of 10, she enrolled KODA in his first music class where he immediately fell for the guitar.Image

One fateful day, while ‘growing up’ in music class, KODA was asked by his music tutor, a multi-instrumentalist and anointed pastor, what he wanted to become should he grow up. Smallish KODA remembers speaking out boldly that he wanted to be like his music tutor: a multi-instrumentalist, preacher and counselor. Then he remembered his tutor called him forward, prayed for him and blessed him with multiples of the unction upon his (tutor’s) life, Koda’s ministry couldn’t have been better laid.

Bracing through all the thick and thin in childhood and adolescence with his music, reality hit him when KODA was met with the option of either playing in a Highlife band or continuing with church where he had learnt everything he knew. The western region of Ghana, where he lived, was at the time the most lucrative hub for the traditional highlife music as such live bands were the ‘ish’ of that time when it came to music and any rising musician would gladly choose the Highlife without any hesitation. However, according to KODA, after soul searching, he found something he could not vividly describe that continued to draw him to Church and thus chose the Church. This he later found to be the call upon his life.

At service in the music department of the Baptist Church which his family attended, KODA would not fully understand his mission at the onset at least not until after some years on when he realised that he had been tasked by God with an anointed music mastery and ministry.

By the time KODA entered the University, his hands and mind had walked through the creative world of multi-musical instruments and was a staunch Christian deepening his musical ties with church. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana provided the transformational platform for KODA. Here he became the Mass Choir director of the University, Music Director of the Music Wing of Baptist Students Union, God’s Instruments, and a leading member of the legendary Ghanaian contemporary gospel group, Da Project.

As KNUST Mass Choir Diretcor, KODA had the KNUST’s Simply Jazz Crew as his instrumentalists and the likes Nii Okai, Graciella, Pastor Joe Gyebi , etc as singers, all of whom he guided. He quickly learnt music production and helped in the release of ‘Awurade Ei” for God’s Instruments as producer and music director, ‘Bra Fie’ for Da Project as one of the producers and instrumentalist and helping Nii Okai his close pal with the production of ‘Moko Be’ on completion tertiary education. So much happened with the experience at KNUST that KODA became a trademark for quality and inspiring gospel music all round but this was not borne on a silver platter. He had to work really hard for it- constant practice, prayer and fasting, etc. A story was told by a friend from KNUST that he most often saw KODA praying at the top terrace of their hall of residence and on knowing what his passion was, he knew he would be a rare breed in that field!

Guide Me O by Kofi Dua Anto (Koda). A multi -instrumentalist, producer, pastor and singer- one of Ghana’s best kept gospel music secrets…..

Today, KODA’s music is an evidence of mastery of all music genres that exists and is always laced with beautifully woven messages about Jesus who he is so passionate about and would make use of any second to relay to you. His attributes of being very humble, friendly, and jovial yet will not compromise on excellence and Christian values, flow freely from the very lips of anyone who talks about him. Having worked with and for the likes of Danny Nettey, Nii Okai, Pastor Joe Beechem , Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Joyful Way Inc, Rita Adjei, Ike Nanor, Eugene Zuta, Joe Mettle, The Anointed (a music group based in Takoradi he formed with his friends) and supported many gospel music ministries all over Ghana and abroad, the persistence call for him to come stay abroad comes as no surprise but KODA’s insistence on staying in the now ‘oil city’ of Takoradi where he had lived for the majority of his life baffles many. For him, it is all about fulfilling God’s will and following His instructions and not the many opportunities and benefits that will meet him abroad compared to staying in Ghana- ‘I have a divine mandate to fulfil in Ghana and importantly Takoradi now my ‘oil city’,’ he puts it and jokingly in the end.

KODA has four vocal albums to his credit: the little known ‘Nyame Beye’ and the popular ‘Waye Wie’ which has hit inspiring songs such as title track ‘Waye Wie’, ‘Poma’, ‘Zion’s song’, ‘Amen’, among others. Other additions to his discography include four gospel jazz albums, two instructional DVD on bass and lead guitar and a live DVD of one of his concerts. KODA’s ‘little’ popularity across Ghana’s music circuit is partially owed to his insistence of remaining low profile and rather focusing on grassroots ministry works and empowering others to observe excellence especially young people and keeping compact management of his image. But one will be surprised to learn that KODA won the best Male Vocalist in the first ever Ghana Gospel Music honours for his delivery on Da Project’s album almost a decade ago amidst the above.

Last year’s Christmas season drew the attention of many music lovers to the ministry of this multi-talented gospel ‘wiz’ when his single, ‘Guide Me O’, off a forthcoming album took the contemporary gospel music scene by storm together with his ministration on the packed gospel concerts within the capital. The music video of ‘Guide Me O’ when shot and released will awe many.

KODA is one of Ghana’s best kept gospel music secrets. A singer, songwriter, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and pastor, KODA is a little over thirty-year-old gospel music minister that is passionate about delivering the excellence in production together with touching messages. His humility and respect for the things of God speak volume of him from afar. Though having accomplished a lot, he still remains a great treasure yet to be discovered by many. This albeit, Kofi Dua Anto (KODA) is a David of our time needs to be celebrated. Just be on the lookout as his ministry unfolds. In the mean time, his facebook page, KODA, will give you a clue as to what to expect.